Saturday, March 22, 2014

NOTA or no NOTA...

I feel very awkward when I’m asked which political party I support. I wonder what they would establish after I give them my favorite. Are they looking for a same pinch moment there or are they looking for a debating moment to launch their arguing skills with the political knowledge they have gathered so far? In either case I’ll be disappointing them. I don’t get into such debates anymore that lead to nothing but high pitched voices and anyway, I might just push the NOTA button. But then, the man who is contesting from our area is worth my precious vote irrespective of his party ideologies, so… who knows.


With the family issues finally settling down, I have a challenge to manage many pending matters. The challenger is yours truly and looks like exciting days are ahead, eh! *winks*
There were many people who helped me through this phase (my friends; not naming anyone). You guys made it a smooth ride. Thank you…and lots of hugs and love!


How can I let go of you without a dose of today’s photo. So, here is a photuu of one of my Gendaa-Gadrilis, exclusively from our French-window garden. Doesn’t she look happy? :D


Friday, March 21, 2014

A Goodbye, A Match and My Holi-ness!!

So, yesterday Khushwant Singh decided to leave us for heavenly abode. The man just fell short of a year before making it as a centenarian but as the cliché goes he will live with us through his stories, jokes, his tenure with The Illustrated Weekly of India and much more. I remember the first time I read him, it was Karma, it was some 10 years ago and I read it again tomorrow. It wasn't a tribute but I just felt an urgency to read the story.

And from the obituary articles in TOI and MM, I not only learned a lot of things about him but also learned one thing from him- to reply every mail. Not to spare the hate-mails either.
So disciplined and earthy yet so rich with his thought and actions. The dirty old man, as he liked to be called, did live a life extraordinary. RIP.


Elections are accelerating the TRPs of the news channels, the conjectures of the missing Malaysian plane are making waves everywhere but nothing can beat India-Pakistan match which is on air right now. Everybody is glued to their idiot-flat screens. Missing my evening dose of Mahabharat.

*Fingers crossed for India*


Speaking of conjectures, people have been concluding many reasons for why I have stopped playing Holi. I have 4-5 reasons always lined up, none of which are false, they all contributed to my decision of giving up playing with colors. And I lay these reasons before them and they choose their favorite…some lecture me how I'm missing on the fun of life, some say they relate with me.
Am I going to be a boring person on every Holi-purnima? No, give me organic colors, all my friends and a promise to not to waste water and I'm game. Till then, I'll enjoy feasting during this festival day.

Mom made these samosas on the eve of Holi…they were yummylicious...too bad you can only have a look at the pic.

Mom holding it for the camera moment

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Silver Linings!

The past couple of months were stormy for my family. Problems aren't something that can stir my ground but this one did... we were simply dragged into a dramatic situation with no involvement of ours in the first place. Worst part, the one who dragged us was someone we trusted, we are usually used by such people, aren't we? 

The situation kept creeping in within many realms of my life, including my writings... my blog. My posts were turning into angry tides. My haikus reflected words from depressing hollow. I deleted, I scrapped, I refused to post such negativity.

Besides snapping at my friends, and snubbing them I indulged myself into reading, I read some 10 books in this span of time. Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Jhumpa Lahiri became my companions. My closest friends of course stood by my side and helped me come back to track. The most important part was I and my parents never gave up hope and stood by each other, supporting each other. The bond is rock solid.

The drama still lingers but I and my family are happy and blessed.

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