Thursday, December 4, 2014

Long Time No See-Saw!!!

Hello my fellow Earthlings,

Missed me?

Yes? on your way.
No? Hmmm...hope that cauliflower on your kitchen counter is pillaged by those nasty, ewwish looking green worms.

*looks churlishly*

Now, I'm not going to delineate the sequence of actions and thoughts I was breathing in in these last many weeks. How I survived without blogging? or whether the reason was sheer boredom? or the much hated writer's block? Nada-giving you nothing to tittle-tattle about.

Surely, politics allowed to engage our days with lot of amusing topics, like it always does and always promises to present more entertainment. However, the one who bested all was, Baba Rampal; with his huge fortress, private army and human shield stayed in the limelight for around two weeks. And now we hear of another Baba;  "FrozenBaba" whose bhaktajans are ready to produce their "Meditating" baba in the court and prove he is not dead but on the path of Nirvana.

Gosh how much I love these Babas and Babis. Even the not much famous Bangali babas' advertisements are so delightful. They are good entertainers, not as entertaining as FRIENDS but definitely better than BiggBoss. OMG...did I just name FRIENDS and BB in the same line :o :o :o *blasphemy* :(
Hopefully, I would get to forgive myself some day for this imbecile interjection.

Moving on...
There is so much to talk about much to listen to much to much to bore you with...and for that I'm
 scribbling this balderdash to announce: " CoffeeBeans is back"; Hope to create some good posts and eventually give something to gossip about. *wink*

Ergo, with a promise of next post soon to go live, signing off for today.

P.S. Worm infested cauliflower or any vegetable indicates or less use of pesticides on them. Safe to

P.P.S. My next post would be a book review.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Hand-Writing Mirror!


One of the childhood memories that flashes before like the crystal clear water of Gangotri, is that of my father yelling, snorting, cribbing about me not having good handwriting. He from his boyhood days was a proud owner of a handsome handwriting and I had a terrible one. Well "terrible" by his standards, "okay-ish" by my teachers' and "readable" by mine.

Every time dad went near my notebooks, it meant a lecture was on it's way. I don't remember his words, so much so for as clear as Gangotri, but he definitely meant; handwriting is the mirror of human's soul. I cared the least. What would an eight year old care for a soul's mirror as long as it's readable?

Universe had it's other plans and my school announced handwriting competition along with spelling contest. I took up the challenge. I was competing against myself. And don't we give our best with the best opponents?
I practiced, imitated dad's handwriting, copied the way the boy who sat next to me scribbled.
Result, I won the spelling competition ...lost handwriting one to a girl from my class whose features were similar to Juhi Chawla, something that gave her the right to behave like the actress, and gave every girl the licence to hate her.

Anyhow, I was beaten by myself...I shrugged, what would a nine year old care about a mirror of a soul?
At home, dad's eyes were moist. Alright, I'm exaggerating, they weren't moist, but certainly were happy. Due to all that practice, I had acquired a good handwriting which now flowed everywhere out of habit. Yes my handwriting had improved and how. It was almost like my dad's.

From then, it was no looking back. I never again participated in handwriting competition as they were no longer held...but appreciation for my handwriting galore. Boy I was one happy soul. Surely it's mirror of our souls, eh!

Years later, with computer and now with smart phones at my side, the mirror of my soul types. My fingers refuse to conjure the beauty once it was famous for. It's been a week now, and I have been struggling to get those handsome curves in my words that ruled the handwriting world.
This morning I felt a tinge of the royal beauty...I'm certain I saw the glimpse of the old bugger. Ergo, with gallons of hope to revive it and keep it alive and healthy for good, I'm signing off for now.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

UniverCell-y Appealing!!

Who would've thought a gadget store can be fun for someone whose enthusiasm of shopping strictly ends at apparel and accessories; let me tell you, I never did. My impression of the store was that of the same old boring gadget dummies at display, staring at you... promising latest features with salespersons listing it's worth in their mechanical-rehearsed tone. B-O-R-I-N-G.
So, when Indiblogger came up with this event to visit UniverCell store, I registered only with a prospect of meeting fellow bloggers and owning the cute little speaker that looks like a colorful wine barrel after I write about my experience of the store.


Boy was I in for a surprise or what...
With a blogger's mind, determined to grasp the best from the store to put it on my post, I entered UniverCell's Colaba branch. Indiblogger team member was already on the floor,and yours truly along with other early birds was introduced to the Vice-president, Saumya Menon, of the UniverCell. 
The warm and vibrant lady had taken it upon herself to give us a tour of not only every corner of her store but also about UniverCell's existence.

The very first thing that I heard about the store had my eye brows jump to fifth floor. UniverCell is about 18 yrs old, probably as old as the cell phone in India itself with 500 branches strongly rooted in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kerala...and now spreading itself in Maharashtra with 9 stores in Mumbai and one in Pune.
Do I already have all your attention to the hilt? I'm sure I read on...

The Vibrant Lady, VP :D

A live store...
The eye brows which had by then settled on their home ground took another jump at the same floor, when we were told that the gadgets staring at us were not dummies...they were real. And customers could actually play them, hear them, touch them, tickle them...possibly do every legal thing to them that would not take them anywhere near the prison. Every phone or tab is installed with latest apps and connected to speakers where you can listen to music checkout what's new. 
Yes UniverCell is one of a kind...they were the first live store on this very earth that you are living in. Phew! Now why would anyone complain about my eyebrows not jumping back to it's place.

Drop a gadget...
Ahh!! unintentional dropping of gadgets won't make them kick you out or pay unnecessarily either. How cool and understanding UniverCell is. 

Kid friendly...

Touch me so passe at UniverCell. And so, the kids aren't left behind; the kids from the era of gadgets who are smarter than adults with 130 IQ and are wise enough to handle a new phone making us adults look naive. UniverCell's target audience have today's kids in their minds and they have the access to this playground called UniverCell where they can fondle and play with the gadgets and gizmos. 

 Friendly staff

Customer in Mind...
Prioritizing customers' needs are their prime motto. Ergo, on of their cool services include them taking your bigda phone to the respective service center...and bringing it back to your doorstep if asked for...making this unwanted process hassle-freeeee...

We got framed...
The store is a fun zone not just because of being a live one but also because they have a section in their store where you can take fun pictures with your friends and family or even ask one of the staffs to click you if you are visiting solo. Just like we got framed *wink*

Thank you Tamara for posing <3

Fun Continues...
Our session came to an end and we had to leave. Leaving a live store after three hours of fun wasn't a welcoming thought but alas we had to do it. But, we weren't allowed to leave empty handed or should I say empty tummies. UniverCell thanked u with goodies; food and drink- a spinach corn sandwich, brownie, juice and water neatly placed in a brown paper bag from CCD- for the hungry souls.


Bidding thank you-s to the staff and cya-s to fellow bloggers and carrying our goodies I walked out of the Live store called UniverCell along with fellow bloggers taking in an experience worth sharing not just for the tiny wine barrel (speaker) but because of it's unique appeal to people, which did reach to a person like me who otherwise dislikes being in gadget stores. So, peeps, just don't sit on your rears this weekend...get up and explore one of the UniverCell stores near you...even if you don't wish or plan to buy anything. Experience the live store and have fun. 

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Gourmet and The Midas Touch!

The Tangra fishes lay in the runny masala curry.

Tangra looks gorgeous in Borosil Hot pot.

The juicy Chicken Rezella flaunts itself in the deep Borosil dish.


The Katla Fish Kaalia made it's grand entry.

Jeera Rice happily highlighting the main course.

Dahi Kadhi blissfuly settled in the Borosil gourmet bowl.

The last entrant was the strawberry-Vanila ice-cream with choco-chips serenely awaited for their turn in the Borosil squat glasses.

The main course fit for a gourmet had the Midas touch of Borosil :)

This post has been written exclusively for Borosil contest "My Beautiful food- Round 2" by Indiblogger.
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P. S. The pics are property of the author of this blog, CoffeeBeans.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Black Effect!

People relate the dark hue to old school thoughts and it has been shelved for morose occasions only. No blacks at happy events, yet such shoving into an undesirable corner have not stripped “Black” from being a strong color representing ‘independent nature’. It continues to rule many hearts and is thus the favorite or one of the favorite colors of many including yours truly.
So, when I came across the prompt of #WhatTheBlack by, Blogadda, I took this opportunity to list five things from my "Black Wishlist" that keeps including items with time.

Harry Potter Robe: I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I’ve been dying to own the props of the series, right from the elder wand to the thunderbolt, but the one that has been my favorite is the black cloak worn by the witches. It’s this clothing that sets the wizards and witches apart from Muggles (non-magic people).

Audrey Hepburn’s dress: The black Givenchy dress of Audrey Hepburn is quoted as one of the most iconic items of clothing in the history of cinema. A classy dress of a classy actress makes it a classy choice that's a must for me.

Batmobile: Since 1939, Batman’s automobile racing through the streets of Gotham city has been the sleekest and coolest one around. The concept car has captured minds with its modified features armored with gadgets fighting the baddies. It started off with a red Sedan and then turned into a black beauty and continues to be one.

Book of dead: The Book of the Dead that made its cameo in The Mummy is an ancient Egyptian Funerary Text. As I have no intentions of playing hide and seek with mummies and the curses or their afterlife journeys, I would like to get the the book used in the movie purely for its enigmatic aura.


Black Ipad: I love black gadgets, my cell phone, my watch, headphone are all black and prize them too much. And the first prize for this contest being the black Ipad… what else my 5th wish could be *winks*

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