Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Guests!

I picked up Tolstoy but found myself not in a mood to have my mind occupy with any reading. I kept the book back to its place and went to the window. The multi-petal hibiscus plant was leaning towards the marigold flowers. May be they were gossiping about the new entrant, the plant with lanky stems and pretty pink flowers- I'm not sure what it's called, but it's their neighbor now.

The crape jasmine looked quite contended in its own corner beside the single petal hibiscus that looked droopy. I checked the clock; it was seven in the morning-Ah! Sleepy heads. The roses however looked fresh and happy, keen to welcome the day and have fun with the sun and the wind. I smiled as their keenness energized me.

I steered my gaze towards the Lily plants, the buds were yet to show up-mom has been waiting eagerly for them for quite sometime. I tenderly stroked the blade of one of its leaves. I was admiring nature's creation when a beautiful butterfly flew in.  It was black with golden spots on the nether of its wings. It wandered over the flowers resting in between on the curry leaf plant. I recognized it; Common Mormon.

A voice interrupted my experience, it said, "Beta, time for your shower" and thus my Saturday morning tryst with nature came to an end.

Psst… there are two common Mormon caterpillars on our curry leaf plant now.

  Today, I just didn't have anything else to write about so thought would bore you with this piece.

P. S.: I lost a follower today even before publishing this post. Looks like my previous post had it's side effects.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Got Dragged Down By Idiots!

Some people just refuse to understand that I am totally aware about the place I have been living in for my entire life. Is it very difficult to conclude this logical fact or are they residents of dumb-lok? Well, I'm not sure, but it is just stupid to see them arguing with me over it and calling me ignorant.

Initially, choosing the lines dunked in wisdom- "Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience", I opted to ignore such baloney. But, seriously, for how long can you take numbnuts yapping to you like that.

Finally, today, they did drag me down to their level and here I am wasting my preciou
s time and precious space of my Baby, but I dare not let them best me. I'll lay it out once and for all and go back to my life never ever to come back to this paltry issue.

So, here it is for tho
se special peeps:
I have been living in this part of the country from the moment I was conceived. I know my geography well enough to give a decent guided tour of the city and its suburbs. So, when I say I stay at Vasai, which is not in Navi-Mumbai, I'm neither misspelling Vashi nor my GK is an example of that of a Neanderthal bozo'

Now just for the record, Vashi is in Navi-Mumbai (New-Bombay) and Vasai (Ba
sein Road) is in North Mumbai (suburbs…outskirts...whatever!)

And if you still don't get it, then May God Ble
ss you, while I go and have thandi mint Lassi.


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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Cat-Woman

This Sunday morning was quite an ordinary one. I was my lazy self, woke up around 8, attended some household chores and felt so jealous of my snoring cousin who had cozily claimed his morning slumber moment. Mom and dad took over the kitchen. Their mission was to prepare a Sundaylicious lunch. And the ordinary note turned into an extraordinary one.

 Veggies and Vegans may stop reading from here.

 Mission Accomplished:

Two spicy red scrumptious fish curries; Tilapia and Rohu. We bongs love our macher-jhol. And the lunch was undoubtedly the most delightful time of the day. I unlike most of the Bengalis prefer a little hillock of rice over the huge rice mountain. Knowing my dietary preferences mom served me the exact amount of rice, but, I didn't care for the size of the mountain, all I was waiting was for the two mouthwatering curries that were enchanting my nostrils with their hot pungent aroma.

I didn't have to wait at all, the fish made their grand entries on the dinning table and I, to the horror of any finishing school, attacked my food. Blending one part of my rice hillock with Rohu curry keeping the other half for Tilapia curry, I began my luncheon journey. I broke the fish piece skillfully tearing apart the flesh from the bones at a lightening speed. An expertise I've required in years.


The soft flesh of the fish just melted inside my mouth. I finished it again within minutes and grabbed the Tilapia. No guesses that I gorged it in similar way. The bright red curries- one thick, one tad runny- with juicy cubed potatoes and the perfect mix of spices made me hog like a glutton. My plate was clean and shiny like it came straight from the factory. Even the fish bones weren't spared, I sucked the whatever little flesh and fish oily chunk were stuck to it like it was my last day on earth. No lady like etiquette, my hogging was purely a feline approach. Dad mockingly nudged my cousin, "she is the kitten of our house". I corrected him, "I'm Cat-woman".

P. S. My blog, CoffeeBeans celebrates its 20K+ page views after more than 1.5 yrs of its conception and a year of its active life and crossed 200+ likes on facebook in just 3 months of its existence.
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