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Welcome to my web space.
In 2008 I created this blog, but it took me 4 years to invoke it. May 2012 saw my first post and since then with a few hiatuses, CoffeeBeans has been living quite a successful life in this neck of the woods of blog-world. It has been loved by so many, and constant admiration galore. I'm very thankful to all my readers.

The blog is authored by only one writer (barring the occasional guest posts), yours truly. It doesn't restrict itself to any particular genre. You'll find random ramblings, memoirs, movie reviews, book reviews, food …not recipes (not yet), fiction, poetry (haiku), contest posts (I like to participate and win through my words
), and whatever that I feel to pen down. While I toyed with many names for my blog, HERE is why I chose 'CoffeeBeans'. 

The Author:
My name is Namrota Mazumdar. I'm from a beautiful town of Vasai that dwells on the outskirts of Mumbai.  I'm in my 30s and I love my life. Reading, watching movies and food shows, cooking, music and yoga help me keep my mind calm and active. I love writing and that has become an integral part of my life now. I was born and raised in Mumbai. I'm Bengali by birth and my devotion to mishti doi and fish-curry knows no bound.


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  2. I read 2-3 posts of yours and admired your style of writing. We have a lot in common :)
    Glad to find you in the blogging world.

    Following you.

    1. Thank you Dhara for your compliment and the follow :)
      I am absolutely thrilled :D
      Will be visiting your blog soon :)

  3. Hi Dear Namrota,
    You have such nice Blog and i like you writing skills.
    The way you explained about your experience. It will really helpful for all of us.
    Keep it up. Followed your Blog.

    Cheers to you...;-)

    Rahul kale

  4. Thank you Rahul for such appreciation and your follow.
    I visited your blog.. you have an interesting blog as well. :)

  5. Hello namrota
    First of all yayieee em a bong too and just love mishti doi:-)
    Secondly ur blog is fab like really good ur writting eshhtyle is killler

    1. Wow Juhi, I'm on seventh heaven with those words :D Thank you so much!


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