Thursday, December 4, 2014

Long Time No See-Saw!!!

Hello my fellow Earthlings,

Missed me?

Yes? on your way.
No? Hmmm...hope that cauliflower on your kitchen counter is pillaged by those nasty, ewwish looking green worms.

*looks churlishly*

Now, I'm not going to delineate the sequence of actions and thoughts I was breathing in in these last many weeks. How I survived without blogging? or whether the reason was sheer boredom? or the much hated writer's block? Nada-giving you nothing to tittle-tattle about.

Surely, politics allowed to engage our days with lot of amusing topics, like it always does and always promises to present more entertainment. However, the one who bested all was, Baba Rampal; with his huge fortress, private army and human shield stayed in the limelight for around two weeks. And now we hear of another Baba;  "FrozenBaba" whose bhaktajans are ready to produce their "Meditating" baba in the court and prove he is not dead but on the path of Nirvana.

Gosh how much I love these Babas and Babis. Even the not much famous Bangali babas' advertisements are so delightful. They are good entertainers, not as entertaining as FRIENDS but definitely better than BiggBoss. OMG...did I just name FRIENDS and BB in the same line :o :o :o *blasphemy* :(
Hopefully, I would get to forgive myself some day for this imbecile interjection.

Moving on...
There is so much to talk about much to listen to much to much to bore you with...and for that I'm
 scribbling this balderdash to announce: " CoffeeBeans is back"; Hope to create some good posts and eventually give something to gossip about. *wink*

Ergo, with a promise of next post soon to go live, signing off for today.

P.S. Worm infested cauliflower or any vegetable indicates or less use of pesticides on them. Safe to

P.P.S. My next post would be a book review.
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