Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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Statutory warning: This post contains food talk which may make Strict Vegetarians and Vegans sick. If you fall into that category then do not read further and if you may choose to do otherwise and feel sick or throw up on your keyboards while or after reading, I am not to be blamed. Thank you.
This January, my visit to Kolkata bestowed me with a great gift for my taste buds; the very delicious Duck Eggs. This was my first time with the yummilicious oval delights. I must confess I wasn't sure whether I would like it as I was told; it has a strong odor that puts off many people. My sister-in-law, a fabulous cook, prepared a feast and though there were favorite dishes placed on my platter, all my five senses had their full attention only for the bowl on my right hand-side, yes, the duck egg curry. 

I without any hesitation went for it first keeping aside the much loved chicken. The egg was little bigger than the usual hen eggs. The surface had a hazel crust from the frying process. I pressed it from the middle and a striking orange yolk welcomed me. The contrasting white made it look so inviting. It was a beautiful sight. No more thinking, I took a bite and yes, it did have a strong smell, except that it attracted me more, and the taste was divine. I was in love… and I knew that moment, that this relationship is one to cherish. 

I knew the most important task was to find these heavenly items in Mumbai, for I never had seen them all my life. I was on a mission, I asked everyone I could, and the answers were in negative. I went to the village areas of Vasai, hoping to find the eggs there for sure. I found a lady selling desi hen eggs; my hopes jumped fifteen floors higher. I asked her if she sells Duck Eggs, not knowing what was in for me next. I was gifted with a rather amusing reply; with saucer eyes she asked me, “Kya Badak bhi anda deti hai”? (Do ducks lay eggs too?).
It was my turn to have saucer eyes. I some how manage to say, yes in between giggles. And without wasting my time, I left for my home.

Did I find duck eggs? Yes, I did, but sadly, I am yet to find the divine taste which I found in my first one.

Tonight, its Kanda-Poha for dinner. *wink*

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Hiatus and A Twist!

After a pause I am back with my coffee… a few unavoidable circumstances forced the unwanted hiatus. What did I do in this period?  Um… a lot, which had nothing to do with my writing or my much beloved baby; CoffeeBeans.

While could not covert my thoughts into words and tap the keys, I was fortunate enough to read a few books, watched movies, both old and new ones, discovered a few new dishes, caught up with friends (on phone), all the while waiting for this recess to get over. But the best that I got from this period was meeting my schoolmate after ages. Meeting ST was most wonderful experience of this week. Though I wish the time didn't flew the way it did. *sad face*

One of the new dishes which I discovered had… *veggies and vegans this might stink a bit, ergo, skip this part* … eggs and grounded channa daal mixed together ... (will share the recipe someday, after I experiment it myself). It was then turned into a fab looking curry, which made me scream, “Mom I wanna make it”. And my mission date is tomorrow.

Whenever I am into such situation when I am restrained to be non-productive, I go back to Harry Potter series… no not read them but watch them in motion. And last week was not an exception, Harry Potter did its fair share of keeping me company.
Image: Inmagine

Agatha Christie and O Henry along with other authors took me to their own literary world, with their immaculate story telling, as they often do.

Meanwhile I also happened to win the golden Trophy (check out the side bar) for my shayaries by Bushra, a talented poetess herself. *smiles broadly*

Being with these favorites made my week, however, I missed my words immensely. My drafts are lying in their spaces quietly which I plan to resurrect with time.

That, my dear, was my hiatus in a nutshell. Yes, I know I did not furnish with the earlier mentioned “unavoidable circumstances”... but tell you what; I leave it up to you. And here comes the Twist; cook your own tale… send me to a dragon killing spree or make me a vampire chasing an Ichhadhari Nag…its your story… spice it up… temper it… and share it. Three shiny trophies await the top three. *winks*


You may submit your creativity by 15th of Aug ... It can be a 55 fiction, a few lines...a poem.. anything. Email it to me or post it on your blog and link me back...or simply post it here.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A special gifting experience with GiftisAha.

  When it comes to Corporate & Diwali Gifts, we time and again end up with the same ideated ones, often wishing to have found a wonder lamp that could churn out wonderful gifts that would make your employees feel special and put a lasting smile on their faces. Well, I am not offering you any magic lamp here but I am introducing you to an equally magical place which showcases fabulous options for Corporate and Diwali Gifts; Welcome to GiftisAha, a gifting portal that appeal to you in every way.

Covering different occasions from Holi to Diwali, from Valentine's to Birthdays (you name it), GiftisAha promises to offer you to make someone's day very special, with a variety of choices to make from.

GiftisAha's Corporate and Diwali gifts are surely to look for and make you come back for more.
Corporate Gifts covers:
  • I belong program: Where you can you can create your own personalized gift, exclusively for your employees, in other words you gift them the sense of belonging through these presents

  • Exclusive gifts: Here your organization gets its exclusive gifts, for your clients and future prospects, capturing the essence of your organization that makes a lasting impression, creating a visual brand. 

  • Premium Gifts: This is one notch up from the rest, ensuring you an experience in itself. To mark it special, it's delivered personally. 

Diwali Gifts: A special occasion calls for special gifts and GiftisAha does full justice to this. It makes the Diwali gifting experience remarkable by giving it an über personalized touch.
They believe in: “A gift is not a gift if it not personalized and it is über special if it is über personalized”.

Sounds great? There is more…
  • They have a very open and flexible return policy; it's simple and HASSEL-FREE. 
  • The gifts come with attractive wrapping, like Reflections, a premium gift is enveloped in a beautiful golden bag.
  • With personalized messages you may gift these beautiful presents or you may donate them.  
The philanthropy heart of GiftisAha, is also in collaboration with Nanhikali foundation, with every purchase a humble amount is forwarded towards the schooling of a girl child.

In their words, it offers you an Aha shopping experience. They say they are unique gifting portal, I say they are endearing-unique gifting portal. :-) 

 This is an exclusive write-up for http://www.giftisaha.com

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Uns Ke Kuchh Lafz.

I keep scribbling couplets in Urdu. I have been toying with the idea of publishing it for others to read and give me pointers, and after gathering up my courage here I am with four of the most recent ones. Hope you like it, your inputs are most welcome.

Image : Inmagine.com

Jinnke dareechon se rehna tha door,

Unhike khwabgaah mein hum tashreef le gaye.


Abr mein dhoonda karte the jinhe
Woh aaj haal-e-dil suna gaye.

Samah sufiyana hogaya unke aane se
Warna toh hum khiza mein jiya karte the.

Jo shaamein sirf kaaghaz pe likha karte the
Abb aap pe kharch karne lage hain.


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