Saturday, May 30, 2015

The month of May!

Hello Hello Hello!

What a May I had! A day more for the scorching month to end. 
From meeting old friends to finishing up three short stories to catching flu after 7.5 years to missing my blog's anniversary and what not. Phew!! So much to tell.
okay, so where do I begin?

Guess, shouting and jumping and jigging should be in order. CoffeeBeans got featured on baggout's top 15 short story blogs of India. Eeeeeeehawww!! Lala laa lala  lalla lalalala....and my Fb blog page has more than 500 likes; 583 as wek speak.
 Ahhh!! And all this on it's 3rd bday baby is three now. They grow up so fast, don't they. *teary eyes*

I know I've been disappointing many by not being active much promises...but I just want to thank everyone who honestly appreciate whatever little writing skills I have. Tons of gratitude on your way!

Now for some more attention seeking news. I and mom were down with flu for a week. Poor dad had to put up with two demanding bong women at the same time without questioning. He cooked, kept tab on our medicines, kept us hydrated, smiled while we threw tantrums. Did I tell you I've a great dad who sometimes turn into Bhaskar's character from Piku minus the constipation hardship. 

This month is full of anniversaries. My parents celebrated their 38 years of togetherness. Two of my friends celebrated their silk anniversaries. Yeah I've learned some of the names of anniversaries. Paper, silk, iron, pottery, ivory. Before they reach the silver mark, they go through these. 

Anyhow, I'll now wrap up this post with a bow and a big thank you to Baggout for appreciating my blog. Do check the site. Yes I'm happy.

P.S. I badly need a hair cut. With it touching the small of my back, I feel like Rapunzel and the Bombay heat denies the pleasure of being the Disney princess. Was in the mourning period so, couldn't chop them. The period ends today.

P.P.S. I found a tiny little crawling white creature in a litchy. It looked cozy sitting inside the depression of the fruit. I discarded the fruit.

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