Sunday, August 18, 2013

Contest Winners!

Eeeeehh Haaawwww!

Finally here are the winners of CoffeeBeans contest and the three winners have bowled me over with their creativity. Everyone was good but these three were one step ahead of others. :)

And in no specific order, the winners are...

Congratulations.... :D
Here is the Trophy ...

Yayy!!! *Applause*

Until next time... Enjoy Coffee and the the Beans ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Forgotten Lesson!

One of my lecturers once told us how a project should be dealt. Him being an unconventional teacher we weren't expecting the standard classroom blah-blahs. We weren't disappointed. The next thing that came out of his mouth etched within me and it still remains in the same condition helping me all the time. The simple Golden words were: If you want a winning presentation don’t just love your project, sleep with it…, make love to it.  
This mantra has always helped me even while writing a small paragraph here at CoffeeBeans. However, being a perfectly flawed human- as I like to call myself, I made a huge mistake a few days ago by forgetting the etched message. I did not researching well and jumped on a conclusion and worse I went public with my ignorant yapping.

After a friend pointed it out, I explored the matter kicked myself mentally and had a good laugh with my friends. The blurred teaching of my lecturer now shined with glory and I promised myself never ever to repeat such a mistake.


P.S. The CoffeeBeans contest winners… because of some other commitments I couldn't read most of the entries and hence, I will be declaring it on Saturday, 17th 2013. Sowwiiee :( 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Akshaya Patra; A Dream Provider.

You enter an enormous kitchen early morning at around 6.00 and a whiff of hot meal, cooking, wafts into your nostrils giving you a heavenly feel. You look around to only find a hygienic set up with mechanized way of cooking. The kitchen is no ordinary one; it’s one of the Centralised Kitchens of Akshaya Patra Foundation which provides midday meals to around 1,368,283 children in 19 locations across 9 states of India, every single day.

Started in 2000, with certain objectives in mind, AkshayaPatra in partnership with the Central and various State Governments of India provides mid-day meal to 1.3 million children studying in Government schools and Government-aided schools.
Objectives of the mid-day meal scheme

- Avoid classroom hunger,

- Increase school enrollment,

- Increase school attendance

- Improve socialization among castes

- Address malnutrition 

- Empower women through employment

In their words, “The Foundation aims at achieving the two most critical Millennium Development Goals: elimination of hunger and universalization of primary education.”
Akshaya Patra has been a huge success with part subsidies that come from Government and rest from the donations from individuals, philanthropists and corporate entities.

So, let us be a part of the world’s largest Mid-day meal provider to bring in change in the lives of the children, by giving them a hunger free world so that they live to achieve their dreams.

For more information on Akshaya Patra and how to do your bit;click Feed The children

Friday, August 2, 2013

How Idiotic is The Box?


We humans are latched to Pet Peeves (PPs). Everyone has their own list of PPs and being no exception to this phenomenon I have a collection of my own. No you are not going to read about everything that annoys me, for my life is an open book akin to that of Tom Riddle's Diary. Write the question and you will be illuminated with information only which I wish to give away or else it's just blank; exceptions exist. And for those who are getting delicious ideas that it's a Horcrux…let me disappoint you with a "No".

Coming back to my PPs, nowadays a certain pet has begun to annoy me the most and with time it's just getting worse; the Indian TV shows. Yes, Indian Television shows have become my Pet Peeves. 99% of them are trash. It's argued that, the absolute reason for producing such soaps and shows are the viewers. Really? R E A L L Y?

Well, to begin with- people don't have many choices to choose from, they eat what they are fed. 
With no choice given and television being the most convenient source of amusement for most of the housewives or even others who seek a break from their long hours of labor and switch on the TV set to find some solace in the form of pure entertainment.

The ongoing fad, the Reality shows, which are competitive in nature, entered the industry with freshness, promising crisp summer breeze for us to breathe. But soon a pattern emerged. Judges make same old comments… actors and directors promote their movies on these shows...contestants talk about their struggles, their financial conditions and people sympathize and vote. No guesses for the real winners here.

If these serial/soaps/shows are the demi-gods of television then News Channels are the God. Besides, having everything "Breaking" in their channels, they also choose to play a piece of melodramatic music even for a grieving news.

Then we have our anchors/hosts. Most of them if not all, shout and scream as if they are on a mission to damage our ear drums and sabotage our hearing abilities. They are music lovers too; they sing announce the names or the scores 
of the contestants- "And the score is... Twentyyyyyyyyy". I always wonder if a simple "20" would be boring.

Some might ask me to switch a channel if I don't like what is being aired, well, being the bearer of well nurtured intelligent cells, I certainly do that, but it hurts watching the motherly brigade glued to serials which plays monstrous games with their EQs and IQs. Does the Television really have to live up to it's nick; the Idiot box?
I crave for gems like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Surabhi, Shirman-Shirmati, Office-Office, etc. 
The only Indian show from the recent lot that has shown great quality is Satyameva Jayate and I am lookign forward for its next season.

I want to see our channels to come up with some great shows. Shows where ladies don't look like they are always ready to attend a wedding ceremony or where a shocking expression doesn't mean high pitched triplets; “kya-kya-kya”, along with the camera panning the actor's face from different angles or where the over the top, hideous expressions of emotions don't exist. And better news channels with no chillum-chilli and nothing breaking.

*Fingers Crossed*
Wrapping up for now... off to watch a movie...oops its 12.25 am, will catch up with the movies tomorrow. 

P.S. Those who don't speak Harry Potter, you may Google for Tom Riddle's Diary and Horcrux.
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