Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Akshaya Patra; A Dream Provider.

You enter an enormous kitchen early morning at around 6.00 and a whiff of hot meal, cooking, wafts into your nostrils giving you a heavenly feel. You look around to only find a hygienic set up with mechanized way of cooking. The kitchen is no ordinary one; it’s one of the Centralised Kitchens of Akshaya Patra Foundation which provides midday meals to around 1,368,283 children in 19 locations across 9 states of India, every single day.

Started in 2000, with certain objectives in mind, AkshayaPatra in partnership with the Central and various State Governments of India provides mid-day meal to 1.3 million children studying in Government schools and Government-aided schools.
Objectives of the mid-day meal scheme

- Avoid classroom hunger,

- Increase school enrollment,

- Increase school attendance

- Improve socialization among castes

- Address malnutrition 

- Empower women through employment

In their words, “The Foundation aims at achieving the two most critical Millennium Development Goals: elimination of hunger and universalization of primary education.”
Akshaya Patra has been a huge success with part subsidies that come from Government and rest from the donations from individuals, philanthropists and corporate entities.

So, let us be a part of the world’s largest Mid-day meal provider to bring in change in the lives of the children, by giving them a hunger free world so that they live to achieve their dreams.

For more information on Akshaya Patra and how to do your bit;click Feed The children


  1. You've done well by writing about this, Namrota.
    At least less kids will eat their school food and die. Good work!

    1. They are doing a wonderful job Brandy, so when they approached me, I just had to.

  2. Did you point out the objectives yourself?
    Because there are few, I never thought would be an objective. Impressed.

    1. No Dhara, these objectives are theirs. You will find it on their Website :)

    2. My blogger home page brought me to one of your new post. The first few lines mentioned Jhalak Dikhlaa jaa I guess. Did you happen to delete it because I couldn't find it.

  3. It is heartening to see that there are organizations which are truly concerned and are proactive about it. I appreciate that you take time out to scribble such posts.

    Ummm....I am supposed to donate, but I am not doing it. May be coz I am poor, may be coz I am selfish, or may be coz I do not care for those unknown hungry faces.
    But now it will be at the back of my mind, and if i do donate some day in the future, one of the reasons would be the push u gave through this post.

    PS- Now i respect you more

  4. A Great Initiative by them and thanks to you for highlighting it...I have done my bit.. :-)

  5. A novel venture. Hope it sees more success.

  6. Thanks for writing about them Namrota :) I hope to donate to these lovely human beings sometime in the future!

  7. I am glad .. although I knew about the organization ...its nice to know they walked the extra mile yet again .. and thank you dear friend for highlighting their efforts ..
    i assure my hand!

  8. Akshaya Patra is the best NGO that serves mid day meal which i came across. Thanks for the post....


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