Friday, August 16, 2013

The Forgotten Lesson!

One of my lecturers once told us how a project should be dealt. Him being an unconventional teacher we weren't expecting the standard classroom blah-blahs. We weren't disappointed. The next thing that came out of his mouth etched within me and it still remains in the same condition helping me all the time. The simple Golden words were: If you want a winning presentation don’t just love your project, sleep with it…, make love to it.  
This mantra has always helped me even while writing a small paragraph here at CoffeeBeans. However, being a perfectly flawed human- as I like to call myself, I made a huge mistake a few days ago by forgetting the etched message. I did not researching well and jumped on a conclusion and worse I went public with my ignorant yapping.

After a friend pointed it out, I explored the matter kicked myself mentally and had a good laugh with my friends. The blurred teaching of my lecturer now shined with glory and I promised myself never ever to repeat such a mistake.


P.S. The CoffeeBeans contest winners… because of some other commitments I couldn't read most of the entries and hence, I will be declaring it on Saturday, 17th 2013. Sowwiiee :( 


  1. It was just a minor mistake which u hav every right to commit. Even i wasn't aware of it. Don't trouble your conscience further.
    I liked what your lecturer stated. There is no substitute to loyalty. One has to stay loyal to his work and sleep with it forever. Some people opt for one-night stands which is clearly not how it is supposed to be. Ain't it

    1. Ah! I aint troubling my conscience with it... I am just sharing the fun :D

      And about the Substitute to bet :)

  2. Camon' yaar! choti moti galtiyan toh hoti rehti hain! Chill! :D
    BTW: Couldn't take part in the contest.... :/ Will surely take part in the future ones! :D
    Bushra M

    1. Hey Bush,

      *hugs* absolutely... future contests it is ;)


  3. One should engage in an ignorant yapping once in a while, it keeps one grounded.

    Pages off Life

  4. The whole secret of success lies in that mantra: loving what you do. Making love to what you do.


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