Sunday, July 14, 2013

A special gifting experience with GiftisAha.

  When it comes to Corporate & Diwali Gifts, we time and again end up with the same ideated ones, often wishing to have found a wonder lamp that could churn out wonderful gifts that would make your employees feel special and put a lasting smile on their faces. Well, I am not offering you any magic lamp here but I am introducing you to an equally magical place which showcases fabulous options for Corporate and Diwali Gifts; Welcome to GiftisAha, a gifting portal that appeal to you in every way.

Covering different occasions from Holi to Diwali, from Valentine's to Birthdays (you name it), GiftisAha promises to offer you to make someone's day very special, with a variety of choices to make from.

GiftisAha's Corporate and Diwali gifts are surely to look for and make you come back for more.
Corporate Gifts covers:
  • I belong program: Where you can you can create your own personalized gift, exclusively for your employees, in other words you gift them the sense of belonging through these presents

  • Exclusive gifts: Here your organization gets its exclusive gifts, for your clients and future prospects, capturing the essence of your organization that makes a lasting impression, creating a visual brand. 

  • Premium Gifts: This is one notch up from the rest, ensuring you an experience in itself. To mark it special, it's delivered personally. 

Diwali Gifts: A special occasion calls for special gifts and GiftisAha does full justice to this. It makes the Diwali gifting experience remarkable by giving it an über personalized touch.
They believe in: “A gift is not a gift if it not personalized and it is über special if it is über personalized”.

Sounds great? There is more…
  • They have a very open and flexible return policy; it's simple and HASSEL-FREE. 
  • The gifts come with attractive wrapping, like Reflections, a premium gift is enveloped in a beautiful golden bag.
  • With personalized messages you may gift these beautiful presents or you may donate them.  
The philanthropy heart of GiftisAha, is also in collaboration with Nanhikali foundation, with every purchase a humble amount is forwarded towards the schooling of a girl child.

In their words, it offers you an Aha shopping experience. They say they are unique gifting portal, I say they are endearing-unique gifting portal. :-) 

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  1. Waaaooo The thought of this blog is so good.Diwali is the time to celebrate.....Its the time to be showered and shower your loved ones with gifts.
    For more Detail:

  2. Good review. I am positive that you won't disappoint me this diwali. I love gifts i thought you hould know this

    1. Did you say something Ritsie? You see, I cant read English :(

  3. Corporate houses need to buy diwali gifts corporates carefully by considering all necessary points. There are a wide range of products made available in the online market today. In order to up the level of employees these kinds of things are being done during festival season.


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