Friday, August 8, 2014

Gourmet and The Midas Touch!

The Tangra fishes lay in the runny masala curry.

Tangra looks gorgeous in Borosil Hot pot.

The juicy Chicken Rezella flaunts itself in the deep Borosil dish.


The Katla Fish Kaalia made it's grand entry.

Jeera Rice happily highlighting the main course.

Dahi Kadhi blissfuly settled in the Borosil gourmet bowl.

The last entrant was the strawberry-Vanila ice-cream with choco-chips serenely awaited for their turn in the Borosil squat glasses.

The main course fit for a gourmet had the Midas touch of Borosil :)

This post has been written exclusively for Borosil contest "My Beautiful food- Round 2" by Indiblogger.
To be more Boro
sil savvy click HERE.

P. S. The pics are property of the author of this blog, CoffeeBeans.


  1. Authentic Bengali Cuisine courtesy Coffee Beans.
    Nice! :)

  2. I am so fond of non-veg food and can't cook well... This post makes me crave for it now..

    1. You are invited at my place to have a feast dear :D

  3. I want that fish curry now. I can even smell it from here.. :^) yum...!!

  4. I'll have the rezala with the dahi kadhi please.

    1. Come home when you are in India and it will be served with all bong love ;)

  5. Gorgeous Borosil goodies with yummy dishes...congrats !

  6. Very nice sharing Here I would like to thankfull to Mr.Krishna Sharma from Balis coffee & tea leafs.Good luck Sharma within short time you have given your product as per my request coffee beans.


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