Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recommence With A Guest Post...

Brandy,Whiskey & All That...

After a sabbatical from blogging I res
ume CoffeeBeans. And as I begin to scribble I get honored to write for one of my favorite bloggers and a dear friend whom I respect immensely for his revere for writing and languages and his genuine inclination towards social and political causes that contours his pensive posts; Brendan Anton Dabhi, the Author of Brandy, Whiskey & All That

Here you'll find my guest post at Brendan's. The words there are result of what I have been pondering on for quite sometime after finding people around me, educated and respected, wanting to adopt children but not letting go of conditions like religion and pure blood fade. Who am I to speak on their personal choices? I say- a Human.


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