Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book Review: Catching The Departed- Kulpreet Yadav.

Title: Catching The Departed
Author: Kulpreet Yadav
Publication: tara India research press.
Price: Rs.299...$8.99...£5.99
Pages: 255

The author seems to not have paid much attention to the main characters. Monica's character seems to have been forcefully injected and nothing constructive comes out of it. Not fair to her intelligence. The architect behind all the wrong doings too didn't seem to be enough spiteful to be loathed. They  fail to impress. At times they shine and other  times they fall flat. The same happens with the story.

This review has been sitting on the back burner for months. My sheer incapability in time management is the sole cause of the delay. Apologies to the author.

An investigative journalist is probing the murder of a lawyer...the black hats and the nasty chain of events that are consequences of the miscreants...our hero's love is just not a pretty face; all this and more from a hamlet near New Delhi to Mumbai breathes through the words of a very capable writer. Kulpreet, after a delicious anthology, India Unlimited, comes on with the first installment of his Andy Karan series, "Catching The Departed". He won a fan in me with his first book and ergo my expectations invariably reached the highest rung of the ladder. Expectations, however, slipped a few rungs down as I progressed with the story.

To begin with, the protagonist's name doesn't strike a chord with me. It's Bollywood-ish.
However, the prologue and some chapters like the one where Hakim, the informer is slaughtered, had me turning the pages. The murder scene engulfed me so much so that I could swear I could smell the coppery blood wafting off the pages. But in the other parts the placid terrain made things dull for me.

Thrillers especially treading into the realms of undercover agents, ex army people, etc., need good research. The lack of it makes its presence felt in the story, thus, disappointing the reader in the process.
This one kind of flatters to deceive
 I rate 'Catching the Departed' 3/5.
    I thank 
Kulpreet Yadav for letting me an opportunity to read and review his first thriller.


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