Monday, December 28, 2015

The Force Awakened Little Siths!!

Every year in the first Saturday of January, all the children (they are many...all capable of taking over an entire planet single-handedly) of my housing society, with the help of a few grown-up(not old) members, i.e. the sweet souls like me, organize costume party. Mostly themed. Just kids in costumes walking on ramp, posing their characters and mouthing lines to convince the elder people who are cheering as audience and the panel of judges. A Halloween of our own!

This Christmas eve, while we were enjoying the season's plum cake and other goodies that come along with the happy-holidays, we the grown-ups(not old) sat down with the kids to discuss the 2016 costume party. This most important discussion of our lives was going on between the concrete floor of our society terrace and the dark starry sky of the Universe.

As the discussion began to ferment into a sour debate over the themes that were flying around us like UFOs, a star winked at me.Yes winked not twinkled. The mischievous little ones up there were conspiring on a stupendous idea for the party, which, once was zeroed in on, was telepathi-ed to me with a wink.

...and on here on Planet earth we had our theme. Star Wars. The iconic phenomena which from generations have dazzled us was going to rule our costume party.

The theme was instantly received with utmost gusto by everyone. Now our intelligent brains were weaving together ideas on the execution. Stuck again- I thought. The last thing I wanted was a regular costume drama going around when we had the nonpareil idea. We had to make it exceptional, had to make it a Star Wars escapade for everyone that night.

Something Galactic then awakened the forces inside me. This time by an ad which was aired that morning. A dark metallic rectangular notebook flashed before my eyes. The new Hp 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor; Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. Oh yes!!! The one that's been making news all over. The special star wars edition would make our regular costume party an Galactic Empire Inspired one. While my brother got busy making arrangements to shop for one, I sat down with others to list the maximum use of the fully armed and operational Notebook we could make.


The Decor
: The entire terrace had to be transformed in a way that it would transpire the feel of the Force and its Galactic Empire into every soul present there. The set designs that feature in the Notebook would come so much handy here. We picked Coruscant as the principal planet.

Death Star

My favorite egg shaped Death Star would also make its presence felt.
At-Rt walkers

The Vehicles, like the At-Rt walkers would land up in the corners. A special corner for R2-D2 on the stage was fixed. It seemed we could bring in his sound from the Notebook.  

The characters: Darth Vader, the ultimate Sith was mostly chosen by all, but it was decided not more than three children can opt for it else the event would end up looking like the Sith's party and not Star Wars'. Surely it had awakened the Siths in the kids!Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Qui-Gon Jin, Chief Jawa, Han Solo, The Emperor were picked next.

Darth Vader with Lightsaber

The Costumes: The Notebook offers designs on the costumes and hence, I knew it would be pretty easy to ensemble the entire cast if I had to.

The weapons: The lightsaber, the Ion blasters for the Jawa, Blaster pistol for Han Solo could be easily created. All we needed were the designs from the Notebook. 

The invitations, the banners, would be typed and printed in the Aurebesh, the Galactic Based Standard Language, font which is loaded in the font library, with English subtitle underneath it.The Title theme track of the Star Wars and other tracks for every character and episode that would be showcased by the kids would be played from the Notebook ( yes! pre-loaded in it) all the time.

Woo-Hoo!!Star Wars Galactic Empire party it is. Now just awaiting my Hp 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor; Star Wars Special Edition Notebook.

         Meanwhile... I asked a DJ friend to help me arrange an assemble of StarWars title track and a few other tracks; the Darth Vader...The Imperial Attack...Cantina Band...and some such. From waiting for the Virar local, to boarding it, to securing a seat, till alighting at the destination has been giving me the experience of the galactic wars. Listening to the music would just temper the whole experience.

Ah! Here he comes, let me get to work with him on the music while you get your own Hp 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor; Star Wars Special Edition Notebook and 

All the pics used in this post have been taken from wikipedia except the Hp Star Wars special Edition Notebook, which has been borrowed from 


  1. Nice idea. Best of luck!!! :)

  2. Jaak, finally, the force (read Namrata) awakens... :-P

    Jokes apart, best of luck... :-)

    1. Hahaha... Indeed had to take the cosmic force to break the spell :P

      Thanks, btw! :)


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