Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Golden Streams and I

The sun pandiculates from the east horizon, wakes up the sky, wakes up the earth. He commands his still feeble rays in Alpha baritone, to break in through the windows, to pierce in through blinds.

No exception to him, I'm sweetly attacked. The brassy/ brazen but gentle rays, obeying their General's orders, seep in through my open window, making their way in through the thin white waving curtains.

Dotingly they hit my eyes, unwillingly my eyes flutter. They open and they squint.
I'm met with now stronger golden beams that are spread across my room, just like yesterday, just like every other day.

Forgotten is the dream that was playing in my mind, forgotten is the slumber that was reviving my tired self.
I look out of the window, there welcomes me a world consumed by the gold of the Sun; a sight that promises new possibilities, a new day, a new beginning.
The fresh serene morning breeze that tagged along with the honey streams, entice me the crispness of the morning awakens me; mind, body and soul.

The morning tells me, oh so fondly/ lovingly to breathe in its essence, and breathe in I do.

Life enters me, "Resurrected am I?" I wonder. Unbeknownst to me, I'm smiling. I hear their voices, reaching me together, "Good morning sweetheart". "Gold morning, Mom" "Gold morning, Dad" I reply.
Nature knows best when it comes to create magic or pull a miracle out of nothing. Surely, turning a good morning into a gold one is no exception for her. Ergo, the Golden sun-rays, fresh morning surroundings, and of course the irreplaceable dash of morning greetings from my parents make my mornings gold.

Wake up ...smell the morning...listen to the chirping birds...feel the golden hue of the sun on your skin, hug your loved ones and say your zealous good mornings and you'll create the magic of turning good into gold in a jiffy. And this Colgate gold morning Toothbrush I got hold of is another ingredient to the list of things that turn my good mornings into...yes, you got it...Gold Mornings.

The genius gold on it snowballs the effect of the gold of the sun & you're awarded with golden start right from your mouth to your day.

So, how're your mornings? Good or #Colgate360GoldMornings?

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