Friday, June 1, 2012

A date with Talash (1969)

I love this movie for many reasons and I was more than happy when our local cable operator played it last evening. I haven't seen any O.P. Ralhan films other than this, but if this is how he made movies, I know I have  to watch his other works very soon.

Raj Kumar/ Raju (Rajendra Kumar) lives with his mother *typical 1960s mother, the crying-bechari-widow maa* and aspires to make it big. His ambitions bring him to city, where he is hired as a typist with a big company run by Mr. Ranjit Rai (Balraj Sahani) *Handsome as always and suave*. Initially, Raju makes errors in his work which threatens to cost him his job. Ranjit rebukes him and Raju decides to pay attention and work hard. In due time, Raju is promoted and he works with all his sincerity.

During a decamp, Raju meets a beautiful village belle Gauri (Sharmila Tagore) *Beauty personified* and both fall in love.

Alongside, Raju's friend Lachhu (O.P.Ralhan) falls for the cabaret dancer Rita (Helen) *ooh.. I love Helen* and wishes to marry her. *I love it the way Helen pronounces his name*. But Rita cannot accept the proposal as her father (Sajjan) disapproves their love *Sad face*. The reason : Her father is being blackmailed by Peter (Madan Puri) for murdering Chaand (Jeevan) who tried to molest his wife. Rita's earnings from her dances is the only way to keep up with the supply of money, and her marriage would mean a stop in the payment.

On the other hand, Raju promises Gauri and her father to marry her and leaves. When he is back in the city, he is promoted and is made a partner. Now... there is no free lunch in this world, is there?... So, why all of a sudden the partnership? Well, the catch is -- Ranjit wants Raju to marry his daughter Madhu (Sharmila Tagore), who is polished, educated from Europe and is sooo urbane, and...and... is also a lookalike of Gauri *errr ??* As if the mystery about the doppelganger wasn't enough, our hero has to also save his career. His 'no' to the marriage proposal means losing everything he has earned till now.

Our lead man has to make a choice between his love (who has promised to kill herself if he doesn't go back to her) and Boss's daughter (with whom things are heating up as well).

Who will Raju choose ? Is Gauri Madhu's long lost twin ? Why they resemble each other? What will happen to Lachhu and Rita's love story ? To find the answers watch the film; the climax is worth.

Sharmila Tagore looks Oh-so-gorgeous through out and gives a good performance. Rajendra Kumar as a confused man torn between love and lust does a fine job. O. P. Ralhan is annoying sometimes in the comic parts and Helen is cute in the scenes and hot in the songs. Balraj Sahani, as usual, is perfect in his character.
Some scenes could have been edited, but its ok.. I don't mind much.

Super compositions by S.D. Burman lifts up the movie further. The romantic "Khai hai re humne qasam" & "Palkon ke peechhese", the cabaret  "Karle pyaar" and the master piece sung by Manna Dey, "Tere naina" all these and more makes it difficult to pick up favorites from the album.

Every frame supports the fact that it was the most expensive movie of that time with a budget of one crore...*phew* Extravagant art direction *and I just love the creativity here*, delightful costumes, picturesque outdoor locations, all these teamed up with likable performances make Talash a treat.
I love this saree

Here is "Kitni akeli" and "Mera kya sanam", all for your ears. :)

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