Saturday, June 9, 2012

Damsels in distress!..??

I have reason for not posting anything for a little more than a week...oh! and its a really good reason ...I wanted to write about "Damsels in distress!.. ??" and was waiting for an incident related to the topic to reach its apex (I wanted to share it), which had its beginning end today.

Well, it started a week ago, when I came across a discussion, where a group of young ladies were talking over whether girls should be treated with little extra care and love at home as they need it because of their sensibility- only a few agreed on it.
When I laid the same topic in front of my friends, all of them went against it.
All the girls from both the groups, hooting the idea of being "favored", said one common thing;
"We are strong enough to take care of ourselves, we don't want extra protection from anybody".

 I, coming from a liberal family and also being the only child of my parents, never had to face any preference or discrimination...barring the occasional - first serving of treats in family get togethers (me being the only girl of my generation in the family back then), which happened ages ago. *I really enjoyed those -winks* . 
Though my father was and is still protective about me...but that does not make me feel like a princess locked away in a tower, with a fire breathing dragon as the gate keeper (hey I just described Fiona), it never did. And my Mom, well she is one hell of a cool mother.

Now, with such upbringing, I feel suffocated when bound with rules...and I get irritated when I am being treated with loads of extra care.
Agreed, some discipline..some pampering is required/acceptable... but total discrimination/ preference.. NO WAY !
I dislike extremes in anything. Balance- is the keyword in life.


Now, for the incident I was talking about;
Uma, the 13 year old daughter of our help (Mina), was in tears when she told me and mom that her father and brother decided to stop her schooling. Reason : The neighborhood girls were stopped by their respective families for various reasons (how shameful) and the father-son duo did not want their darling little one to travel so far to reach the school all alone, as neither of them could accompany her, because they left for work early morning.
I was wide eyed listening to all of this, my heart sinking, as I was aware of her want/love for school and studies... my mind began churning ideas of how to convince the men to allow her to go to school, I was looking for solutions which they might agree to.

Then something nice fell into my ears, her mother spoke up, she did not agree with them and wanted her daughter to study further -how did I forget her, all I was thinking was of the men- I was thrilled, the woman was speaking for her daughter's rights and at that very moment, it hit me, if she can not go to school, then how about distance learning. She can study from home and the only time she will have to leave for school is during exam. I enthusiastically put forward the idea and was overjoyed to hear that the mother had already spoken about it to her family, and that they were in talks with the school authority.
*Cheers to Mina*
But this does not end here, the best news was still to come, and that was today. The school had a discussion with the family and convinced the men to send Uma to school.
YES... she will go, she will continue her studies; she will do what she wants, what she needs, what she loves.

While writing about his, my heart went out to those girls from Mina's neighborhood. I wish they had a Mina in their families, to give that strength and support to the girls, to live on their own terms.

So, we are "Damsels in distress", but we can take care of ourselves...teach us to take care of ourselves... make us to take care of ourselves.


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