Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recharged .. !

Well... its been really long that I blogged... call it my rust coated thought process... blame it on writers block... or simply call me lazy bones ... my blog did go somewhere down my priority list (not that I have a list.. but .. know what I mean). Every day, I would think of reviving it... but wont.

And what did I do all these days... that I will tell you in my next post ;)
For now.. its about getting "recharged" :D

So, what happened all of a sudden ?
Today I woke up.. and felt this amazing energy within... and its still there. A positive feeling floating all around me .. it feels as if , The Universe is telling me.. "Hey girl.. alls Well :D "

I am loving everything .. even the Annoying Traffic looks and sounds wonderful... The nosy neighbor seems to be a rockstar... and of course the beautiful serene things that have been there for ever are looking more divine to me.

Am I in love?? ... Oh I am in love.
I am in LOVE with my life... I always have been... but this ... THIS is something different. :D

It made me get back to my writing :D

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