Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Sophomoric Writer.

"Anybody can be a writer", stated an advertisement, on a wall of a building that claimed to teach "creative writing".
I am not sure to what extent I agree with the bill.

Yes, with proper guidance I can hone my skills of writing, but would that make me a good writer even if I lack imagination?...Answer is, NO
One can not teach creativity ... one can not teach how to imagine and then put it down on paper.
I got acquainted with some of the best works of literature, at an early age. And my brain cells, for reading, molded themselves for best literary books only.
I could never and I still can not digest the mediocre writings; some of those make me wonder what did I do to deserve to read such "talents".
Those books are anything but literature. 
Am I a purist? No.. I am not just a purist.. I am a "nauseatingly purist", when it comes to my certain interests or passions.

Anyhow, so, when elite authors paved their way in my life with their tomes, their work, their imagination, their beautiful use of words triggered the urge of writing, within me.
Since then, I have been scrawling, scribbling, drafting, composing...essentially, doing everything that is synonymous to "writing"; now of course it’s tapping my fingers on the keyboard. 

I haven't made my way to the Shakespearean guild; I am still a sophomoric writer.
Someday, whatever I write about; food, movies, culture, places or simply about an experience I lived or heard of, I might just become a gilt-edged writer. 


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