Monday, March 25, 2013

Food for thought ...

The stinky waves of air wafted through the window in the living room. My nostrils angrily protested to breathe and my stomach threatened to throw up.
What the hell is that deadly reek? Just when I was about to conclude that something terribly ugly from hell had died below our window, the stink showed signs of familiarity; Hey Bhagwan! One of my culinary nightmares was here, a neighbor was making - ghee. *Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin*
I can’t stand that smell, the smell of concoction of ghee. It paralyses my smelling sensors for hours and the only way to protect them is to run miles away.

Now my Sunday morning was all about watching cricket match with closed windows with no fresh air to enjoy. *Grumpy face*
My prayers were heard soon and the windows were opened after making sure that there was no pong but only crisp breeze of March. 

Now having resurrected my respiratory system, it had me thinking how one person’s yummy food can be another person’s yucky fare.
I have seen non-bongs gag on our fishy affairs when a fish head is served with * lots of love..of course*, on the plate with the fish eye staring at you, creepily declaring, “I see you” or when roe (no not the caviar) pakodas make their way on the dinning table as starters.

The weird food doesn’t stop at the thresholds of bong homes though, its everywhere. It’s just that, the cuisines and the people to lose their lunch vary. Sample this, The vegetarians give a disgusted look at the non-vegetarian’s plate. Goras disgorge when they see Indians relishing on the bone marrow from the bone cooked in a delicious curry. Of course the fish head too makes them choke. And most of the desis can’t stand the site of a steak. 

The snakes, the scorpions, the cockroaches and maggots are a much known puke-ish diet munched with lots of frolic by many people around the world.
Some of the strangest and lesser known are the Italian rotten cheese-Casu Marzu, to which larvae are deliberately added to make it a mouthwatering delicacy (how cheesy!), there are countries where willies of animals are devoured merrily and then there are some cultures who feast upon blood.
So, the million dollar question is, should we gag over other people's weird food or respect the food even if its sight or/and smell gives a fair idea of how the hell looks like?
I prefer to choke when not around the host of an unpleasant cuisine and to respect and be polite about their food, in front of them-A Hypocrisy, I will be forgiven for.

P.S. Apology if I made you throw up… but my posts don’t come with any warning. 


  1. I also like stuff...I ate raw one.. *chewy* ...^_^ and yaa squids *cooked*....raw fishes like salmon and tuna...Nothing to throw up ^_^ ...some foods are worth experimenting :D

    1. @Cyber : Yeah I agree, some food are worth experimenting ... but I don't think everyone can do that. I can try some food but definitely not everything.
      The ones you mentioned above... I might try as long as those are "Cooked" ;)


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