Saturday, April 6, 2013

What’s so nice about it …Maa?

This morning I strolled into the local bazaar to buy vegetables and fruits. Aah! The morning bazaar looked absolutely heaven on earth, like always. Fresh colorful veggies seduced my senses and I had trouble resisting myself from buying the whole market.

The divine moment came abruptly to a screeching halt, when a familiar sweet ripe smell wafted into my nostrils. Is it? Oh yes it is. Since time immemorial, I have known this smell and its source, liking it…disliking it. Strangely, as much as I love it in its raw form its ripe stage repulses me.
It’s the yellow/green/red, fleshy, sweet/sour, fibrous, single seeded…. crowned as the king of fruits; Mango!

During my school days, where Mom had a tough time to push the chunks of ripe mangoes down my throat, I along with my friends snacked on the raw mango pieces, marinated in salt and turmeric.Our neighbors used to fan out those marinated mangoes over a large piece of cloth on terrace, to make pickles after they are sunned properly--- Hush! We didn't steal…we borrowed *Grins innocently*
*those were the days.. sigh*

Anyhow, back to present, Mom invented a smart way of feeding me things I don't like (to her relief, my dislike list is a tiny one—yes I am a good girl), she mixes the ripe mango pulp with milk and freezes it… And, we both are two happy women.
However, my aversion towards the yellow fruit definitely SHOCKS every human being; living or dead, to the extent that eye balls pop out in 3D. Many ridicule my taste…some doubt my human identity…whereas some think I don't eat mangoes to maintain my petite figure. 

The other item that sits in my dislike list is Okra. Dang, I can’t stand the slimy multi-seeded insides of that veggie. It looks like innards of an alien from a Hollywood movie.
For this, I have been very well criticized by every living-nonliving creature on earth for not liking the slim-trim vegetable.
How does Mom manage to make me eat it? Well, she makes puppy eyes that only work occasionally.

The Universe blessed me with a set of sweet teeth, although, the one sweet that makes every cell of my body go numb is Ghevar. Just one small bite of it and it seems like I chomped on 10 kg of Jalebis at one go. Here, I have lesser pair of eyes that pop out in disbelief and Mom doesn't make any effort either. 


What tops my list is Drumstick (vegetable). All I have to do is chew and chew and … chew. Furthermore by the time, I am done with the chewing; the appetite for the meal dies.
Moreover, I cannot let my jaws go through all this hard work for a tiny amount of flesh and juice…and then end up looking like a cow savoring its fodder.
I haven't been subjected to anyone's wrath yet for this one; apparently, no one cares much for the long green sticks.
Although, Mom lectures me on the nutrients the drumsticks carry, I don't cave in. Her puppy eyes too, fail to convince me.

Note: No Tantrums were thrown by me... only the card of for every other food was played, every time, no exceptions.

                                                        Image courtesy: Inmagine


  1. Well tastes differ don't they:) I am just the opposite, just love mangoes-delicious:)
    Good to know more about you,have a fab weekend:)

    1. Yeah they do...and that's the fun :D

      You have a fab weekend too :-)

  2. Well, I like the Mango pickles. Curd rice with MP is heavenly food for us, the south indians.

    1. Oh is it ? I will try Curd rice with Mango pickle then ... and I like Mango pickle after all its raw mangoes in there :D

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  4. Oh.. another name of "Lady's fingers" is Okra... Learned oe thing today. Good Post. Cheers :)

    1. Thanks MillionLuck ... I remember when I first came across the word Okra, and thought it to be some exotic fruit or veggie from some other land :P
      I am glad my post helped in something :)

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  6. I can hear the reply:
    Maa: "They are good for health. Drumsticks have iron, Okras have..."


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