Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taming the fur to take on the world!

Invitation comes by where you are needed to discipline your mane to look like you are ready to take on the world. Your long untamed locks which flew, with no leash attached to it, now needs to be fashioned to make heads turn again and again.
Wondering now which hairstyle to choose from, you sit in front of your best friend and ask: Mirror Mirror on the wall, which is the best hairdo of them all?

The Mirror with all it's non-living traits conjures, well, nothing and you turn to your other best friend, the fashion magazine. Without any disappointment you are treated with five beautiful ways of trending your fur. 

Option 1
Option 1: You have a spectacular way of letting your tresses dangle around your shoulders. The soft twists with highlighted strands frame your face elegantly giving you a million dollar classy look.

Option 2
Option 2: You decide to get casual yet trendy and what grabs your attention is a insouciance ponytail, with a few loose strands placed in front. The messy volume of your hair in the back tied up into a pony tail in the middle makes you the diva ready for any event.

Option 3
Option 3: The refined retro style looks oh-so-elegant for any evening occasion. The option at three gives you this old-world-styled waves with hair charmingly swept up behind in a low updo and a deep partition on a side. You definitely have a winner here.

Option 4
Option 4: You tread on the messy looks again and you are intrigued by the bouffant hairstyle with a messy bun and a center part. The little swell at the crown and strand falling casually on both sides of cheeks gives a warm chic appearance.

Option 5
Option 5: Its ponytail again. However, your fur is twirled and tied on one side at the nape with a long strand of hair left to dangle playfully at the side of your captivating face. And the look is again a messy one making you appear a fashion diva all set to walk a ramp.

You toss your copy of the magazine aside and you begin to get ready to allure and rule the world with your ravishing hairstyle which you picked for the evening. 


This post is an entry for TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair! 
For know more of simple and yet gorgeous DIY hairdos visit TRESemme.

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  1. now thats a post one of its kind on the same topic!! Best of Luck Namrota !! :)

    1. Thanks yaar... I hope the judges think the same... pls tell me you are the judge :P

  2. Replies
    1. and so easy too :)

      Thanks for visiting my blog Saheli :D

  3. ripleys believe it or not at some time or the other i have tried each one. Thanks for the refreshal :)

    1. Really? great... are you still into them? first and the last one are my regular hairdos... and I love messy look :D

      P.S. I visited your blog.. its great :)

  4. Beautiful post Namrota :) Lovely hairstyles! Best of luck! :)

    1. Thank you Bushra .. and I wish you the same dear .. :)

  5. Hiarstyle no. 3 is classy. must hairdo for a party. Best wishes Namrota for the contest :)

    1. Yeah.. the retro look never goes wrong, now does it? :D

      Thank you for your wishes Jiggyasa :)

  6. Hmm Nice post....and what about males? :P
    Put up a post on males hairstyle if u can

    1. Thank you Harsha.
      Though this was an entry for a contest I will see if I can compile something for males :D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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