Monday, July 7, 2014

The Trance by Wicked Jalebis!

A beautiful bowl filled with very tempting and engaging Jalebis was kept on the dinning table. The aroma of desi ghee whispered their shudh-ness, a few fine green slices of pistachios hugging each jalebi promised perfectness. The warm crust confirmed its freshness. I was informed that the Jalebis were a treat by our neighbor for her son scored some good grades. Not caring about which neighbor and which son, I concentrated only on the tempting dessert that was smiling sweetly at me. Asking me to gobble them, and be a shameless glutton.

Without any hesitation I picked up one and bit on its outer coil. The orange sugary syrup trickled down my fingers and I licked all of it happily as the child within me had already woken up just by looking at the golden chaashni soaked sweet. Every bite was followed by a crunch sound declaring the perfect deep fried coils. All I wished was some rabri to go along with it. The killer combination of garam jalebi with creamy rabri is unbeatable. Alas, I had to do with only jalebis.

Somewhere in the room, I heard two male voices, probably my cousin and my dad, discussing pretzel being a copy of jalebis…eh! Who cares? All I cared now was about me and my desi ghee crispy sugary munchies that messed my fingers.
Licking every bit of the syrup from my fingers I said,"hmm…okay" to something that was told to me from a distance.
Then the voice rose and my trance was broken. Mom with knitted eyebrows and pursed lips was glaring at me.

"What?" I asked.
"Can't you hear what I told you about not touching those."
"But why? These are for us, aren’t they?"
"No. They are for Lata's son, he topped his class and we are treating him and you ate one fourth of the bowl."

The trance of my favorite de
ssert had played with my mind so wickedly that nothing that my mom had told me earlier had reached me.
I wasn't complaining.

"Um, the glassware made them look so delicious I couldn't control myself, Mom. Aren't they Borosil?"

Mom huffed and asked my dad to get some more jalebis, this time some for me too. I was definitely not complaining.

This post is exclusively written for My Beautiful Food (Alphabet Soup) contest by Borosil and Indiblogger. You can be Borosil savvy by clicking HERE.


  1. So when am I getting my share of jalebis :D

  2. Hahahha I am not a jalebi person. I love the Imarthis. ;) My dad loves Jalebi with some vanilla ice cream. Now I need gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream. :(
    Good luck with the contest love.

    1. Let me share a secret here Red... I am not either...and not even an Imartee person :P

      And thank you for your wish :D

  3. Damn, I miss Halwai bazaar of Ambala now. And how cleverly you praised the sponsor's product. Too good!

    1. Thank you thank you :D

      And Halwai Bazaar sounds is music to my ears... guess I would visit Ambala just to explore this bazaar :D

  4. Love Jalebis in the winter's :D (The crispy ones). I could eat so much when my classes were going on :D

    1. Hehehe... yeah cold winter and hot jalebi with! :D

  5. I regret reading this post right now. Now, I am craving for them at 2 am in the night :P Slurp, Slurp !!


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