Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black and How...

Black, the color of infinity, the color of eternity, the Color of the Universe has always attracted me towards its enigmatic nature. It's, perhaps, because I relate to its characteristics. It oozes discipline, radiates power; two adjectives I respect and cherish. I have many things that are black in color; from my PC to my cell phone, from my flats to my favorite pen all are black. However, there is a list of many black things that I have my eyes onHere are my beloved five items from my "Black Wishlist" :

Black Kelly bag: The epitome of beauty for me and many is Grace Kelly. Her beauty her style statement has always been an inspiration to women for years, so much so that her favorite leather Bag was named after her; The Kelly bag. What I feel it would be an absolute privilege to own one in black color and feel the enhancement in my style in a royal way.


Black (Tahitian) Pearl Necklace: A rare gift from nature, Tahitian Pearls often called Black pearls because of it's black color is highly expensive. Their beautiful dark hue makes any jewelry look royal and elegant fit for every woman. I was 15 when I came across a black pearl necklace and fell in love with it. I have been dreaming it around my neck touching my skin enhancing my beauty.


Black Diamond Ring: “Carbonado” which I prefer to call by its common name, “Black Diamond”, in the form of a ring, is another in my wish list. There have been many myths around this beauty, some good some bad for years. Some cultures say it clears the misconception between a couple and some culture state that it brings on curse. Curse or eternal love, all I see in these gems is the black beauty it radites from each piece.

Black Belt: Not the leather ones, I have a pair of them, but the one that makes you proud of the achievement that's attached to it. The Baap of all belts, the one that denotes the highest grade of Martial arts, The Black Belt.

Black complexion: Color of Kanha... color of kaali, it’s the ultimate complexion one can wish for. And I wish for this complexion for everyone on this planet and put an end to discrimination on the basis of skin color. The stupid fairness creams and moronic demand of fair brides would be off the market. Beauty lies in black and it would be all around us physically.

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    1. Good luck!
      A creative post, and one which tells us about you too. :)

  2. Nice list :) Best of luck :)

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  4. Loved the pearl necklace, lovely pic of it.
    Great choices. All the best!


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