Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ads More Twists To Life!

I'm such a naive soul. Tend to take things frighteningly seriously.
As a kid from the 80's I've had my horrors during showers. I with starry wide eyes looked for anyone watching. That's what happened in that badaa saabun ad. And though every soap ad had had a voyeur this one had a voice too. Ok, that was it, I didn't wait for the other shoe to drop, I had it clear at home, stomped my feet in the process and was ready with gallons of tears within me to shed, we weren't getting badaa sabun ever ever ever.
My perplexed parents
assured me I was safe. I preferred the lemony fresh soap and hypocritically enough it's laalaalala- jingle never seemed a threat to me. On the contrary, I wished someone sang it, while I scrubbed myself with the soap, on my stead. Wishes! Sigh!
The horrors haven't ceased to haunt me even now when I've grown up. Each time I sprinkle namak or squeeze a nimboo I fear a certain Bollywood actress might drop from nowhere, literally, and lecture me on my wasting the ingredients on food which are so vital for our toothpaste.
A shiver runs down my spine for my future kids, they might have to do away with garam masala too and settle for bland food in the practice.

My future kids worry me, yes, and I'm not even married yet. Still looking...searching for the right guy you see. But how would I know he is the one?- I often asked my bedroom ceiling.
Then one fine day:
Voice over: Are you looking for prince charming?
I: Haan.
VO: Are you looking for happily ever after?
I: Haan.
VO: Are you looking for a fairytale?
I: Haan bhai haan!

The VO told me to look for a guy who would not compromise on the Kitchenware brand and I'll know for sure that he pyaars me when he won't inqaar from my beloved prestigious brand. And that will be my eureka moment, the moment to scream; Yehi hai right choice baby Ahaa!
He would be my neighbor's envy and my pride.

I bowed to the VO and gave it two thumbs up thus cheering on the advice it gave.
I was suddenly tad too thirsty. Thirsty for the thumbs reminded me of the ever so tempting thunder. But the chill climate killed my mood to taste anything toofani and I settled with water.
A tinie-minie dark particle was lazily floating in the water which I poured from my filter. Damn! I cursed myself with words that were banned in my house for not listening to the  advice on shudh paani. I made it a mission to get the purifier ASAP...before I'm made to drink tanks of water while getting sermonized on pure water.

So much of energy draining activity and the single digit temperature almost famished me.
Whenever hunger attacks me in this fashion my right hand automatically reaches for the 2 minutes noodles, which takes 9 minutes to cook and that was no exception that day either.
After gulping down the healthy, iron and vitamins se bharpoor noodles, my bong tongue threw tantrums for some meetha. Huh...the bahanes my tongue make to have some meetha. Iss mein doodh hi doodh hai, pyaar ka rang hai, achhe kaam ki shuruwat meethe se, and whatnot. Anyhow, I got some chocolates from the fridge and satisfied my bong tongue.

My phone buzzed. A reminder of a ppt I was to finish. Did I tell you I have a fabulous job. Well I do! I landed this job for my skills, confidence, talent, and my complexion, which is wheatish, shade number 6. I know if it were a lighter shade I would have been in my boss's chair or maybe even in the CEO''s if I were the fairest of them all...oh mirror on the wall!! What a tragedy I say!!

As I type these words and sip on my green tea, my ancestors thank the tea makers for unlike my can-be-never-changed complexion, at least by body is on the thinner side, to which my genetically high metabolism rate and a bit of disciplined lifestyle has almost nothing to do. Saves me so much gym ka kharcha. Oh that reminds me, my bestie is getting married next month. Awww!! Got much to do. To start with I've to bath in those milky, rosy soaps...buss zara sa rose...the bachpan ka laalalaa soap forgotten. Then buy a sexy trousseau and eat two bowls of corn cereals everyday to look sexier in that sexy chiffon. Clearly Green tea won't suffice.
Ahh! It would be so much fun. Mehendi, sangeet, shaadi, reception...chaar functions!! Ohh how can I forget ...haldi, the 5th one. My bestie-banno will be smeared with the turmeric infused ayurvedic, not cosmetic, cream. She'll look priceless. *teary eyes*

Uff!! So much to do and I'm wasting time here. You guys have fun with IPL I'll have with mine and might just know how to not get patronized by these creative ads. 

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”

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  1. was a great read...Congrats on getting featured on the Baggout Blog

    BTW, Nam, Sau..sound okay..but for NaMo's sake don't call me Man ..:-D :-P at least add an 'i'

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    ANSWER THE POLL and you could get a prepaid VISA gift card!


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