Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ceremony of Happiness!

Entire two storey house was decorated with lights, colorful satin and zari drapes and marigold-ribbons. My cousin's wedding was going to be a splendid one. Perfection in every department was in demand by the bride and her father, my uncle, made sure the demand was met come what may.
Pre wedding rituals, her trousseau
for each of those rituals, jewelry to match every outfit, hospitality towards the relatives who had come few days prior to the wedding, food, music, every little detail was being taken care of.

Three domestic helps of the family were asked to work overtime, to wait upon the guests. This was in addition to extra household chores that they were already doing. For which they were to earn additional money. However, the way the three were attending to every job assigned to them and often to what wasn't assigned, money seemed secondary to them. Having been serving the family for years they had by then become a part of the household and they were happily serving the extra hours. They took it upon themselves their individual responsibilities as if the bride was their own daughter.

One evening, two days prior to the wedding, everyone gathered in the living room. A gifting tradition was in order. In this tradition every close relative and friends are gifted clothing-sarees, salwar suits, kurtas; a gesture to thank them for being a part of the wedding ceremony.
The gifting was on and so was the artificial hackneyed line "Oh why me?" "There was no need." "Why the formality?"

While all this was happening, to everyone's surprise, my cousin called the three helps and each were given boxes that were beautifully wrapped in glossy papers just like the other wrapped gifts.
Ecstatic Shikha and Fatima found tussar sarees in their packets, while Mahesh was delighted to find silk kurta in his. The surprises didn't come to an end there. My aunt had gifts for their families too.

I saw a few expressions in the room which unabashedly screamed of disapprovals on such gesture, but those minuscule negative energies couldn't compete with the grand happiness that oozed out of Shikha, Fatima and Mahesh. They felt special, a feeling which was so rare for them, I thought. A smile was fixed on my face, it just felt so right.

My respect and love multiplied for my cousin's family and not to mention there were tons and tons of joy around us.That day I knew that all it takes is sprinkling of some fairy dust in someone's life and happiness in abundance showers around us.

Courtesy: india.com
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