Friday, April 3, 2015

Making of a History aficionado?!

I love cinema. Movies, the good ones, are so much more than entertainment. Till date, for me its one of the best form of arts. But never have I garnered the same affection for History, that is until now. 'Now' refers to the past five or maybe six years.

As an average student I often lashed out at education system, within the confines of my mind, for not introducing Cinema as one of the subjects. It would have surely pushed my total percentage several notches up. 
Moreover my detest for History; the subject of dead people I cared the least for, had me have some wicked conspiring wishes. One of the milder ones was me merrily dreaming of Cinema replacing the good for nothing, drab, avein History; yes, the subject of dead people, I cared the least for, in our syllabus.
No surprises here, my prayers which were byproducts of my wishes fell on deaf ears - always, no exception.

Now that I'm older, wiser, sexier, and my whites are dyed in burgundy, History has gingerly but royally seduced its way into my life.
I don't recollect precisely how and when the amour blossomed between us but, today dead people fascinate me. Their lives, their milieu, their conspiracies, their struggles, their ideas - ill or not intrigue me. I'm captivated by the Mughals, the Mauryans, the Cholas, the whole shebang.

Cinema (ones with vintage approach) with its story telling prowess, the immensely talented people, Bollywood, Hollywood and all that jazz is still the apple of my eye, but in time History has ensconced itself on a strong dignified status.


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