Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Surprise; Day of love!

My phone that was resting next to my pillow rang angrily at 1 AM. It flashed my best friend’s name who was in the other room with the guys. 

 “Meet me at the porch”, he said. And with that he hung up.

With sleepy eyes I looked around, the girls were lost in their slumber world. The trek had been tiresome. I got up with my body aching in places. Ran my fingers through my hair to discipline them, wore my glasses and went out in my slippers.

The porch light was on and he was standing there grinning sheepishly. I realized he looked adorable in his worn out pajamas. Before I could say anything, he reached out, held my hands and led me towards a bamboo chair. I sat down throwing dozens of questions at him.

“Close your eyes”, he said.

I narrowed my eyes to which, he made a puppy face, “Please”. With a giggle I complied. I heard a rustle.

  “Open your eyes”.

He was holding something rectangle draped in a glittering white gift wrapper with a cute pink bow at its base. My hunch told me, it was a book.

I grabbed and unwrapped the gift carefully, making sure I didn't tear it.

*Pride & Prejudice*

 “Happy Birthday”, he said. “A belated one”.

I looked up at him and saw him staring at me strangely. There was something different in his voice and his eyes. My own heartbeat spoke a different language.

 “This is my favorite book”, I whispered. My happiness knew no bound. It was a book I had never owned. As a kid I had its abridged copy. And for sometime I had planned to buy one for myself. I remember mentioning it to him once. But it was just a passing murmur. He remembered.

 I looked at the book and back at him. I didn't know what to say, what to do. Then I leaned and hugged him tightly and whispered a 'thank you'.
Breaking away from him, I looked at him again. I felt my smile faint as I saw his expressions speaking the different language which my heart had adapted. He was still holding me in his arms refusing to let go off me. Realization hit me that my arms refused to leave him too. The man in my arms was now more than my best friend.

 “I was yearning to see you smile like a child when you unwrap it. I had envisioned your face beaming while holding this book”, he said.

 “And did you envision my face while holding you?”

He chuckled and placed a loving kiss on my knuckles. “No sweety, it was a surprise”.

Biting my lower lips I looked at him knowing we found our day… our day of love. -Friendship would go beyond and turn into something so beautiful; who knew?
The rest of the morning we stayed there on the porch, talking, looking at each other, holding hands and basking in the glow of our new found love, until our friends woke up.

A year later we celebrated first anniversary of our day of love by tying the knot and exchanging Platinum bands. The bands now proudly shine on our ring fingers, representing our true and undying love for each other. Like the naturally white metal, our love is pure and pristine. Platinum does not fade or tarnish with time and that is what love is all about- Eternal.

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  1. Hi Namrota. Well, that moment of realization, perfectly narrated. Short and sweet and full of love... all the best. :)

    1. Thank you Ashish... I hope the judges feel the same .. hehe :v

  2. Nice story Namrota, short and sweet. All the best for the contest !!
    My Entry

    1. Thank you Jahid.. and I read your entry.. liked it a lot.. so Good Luck to you too :)

  3. Short and Sweet that' all I can say..Though it is Short the emotions reflected very well.. :)
    Good Luck Namrota.. :D

  4. so sweet and romantic. I too love Pride and Prejudice.

    1. Ah! really.. isn't it an amazing book?

      And Thank you Kalpana :)

  5. very beautifully put, Namrota.. :)

  6. Crisp and beautifully simmered with right amounts of sugar !! Well written :)

  7. Very well expressed Namrota. Your fiction skills are going up by leaps and bounds.
    As regards to this post, it is what everyone expects their day of love to be, a fairy tale romance!

    1. Yeah it is everyone's dream love day... ;)

      & Thank you for the encouragement Brandy :)

  8. How romantic! Short and sweet story! Best wishes for the contest!

  9. Just awwwwww.... :) sweet and simple!

    1. Aww..thank you so much Vanessa. I am glad you liked it :)


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