Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Close to Nature with Blossoms and Breeze; Ambi Pur

The pretty white and pink 275 gm can freshly fetched from its package sat eagerly on our glass table enticing me with its name, "Blossoms and Breeze" to put it to use. The little 5.5 ml pack parked beside it with the same name wasn't far behind either. These were Ambi pur air effects and Ambi pur set n refresh (both blossoms and breeze) respectively. It was now no longer a reviewing task for me, it was about getting connected to the fragrances that rested inside geared up to mingle with the air.
Ambi Pur Air Effects-  Blossoms and Breeze
I first pick was the can first; the Ambi pur air effects- Blossoms and Breeze. I held it pulled the trigger back and as instructed and shown in the photos I sprayed the fragrance in my living room in a sweeping motion. The moment the aroma fanned out in the room I felt like I was transformed to a place with an unpolluted environment and natural springs all over. I was close to Mother Nature. It just made me feel alive with its subtle fresh scent and I realized it had eradicated malodors as well.

Ambi Pur Set n Refresh- blossoms and Breeze
Quickly striding towards the table I released the Ambi pur set n refresh- Blossoms and Breeze from its pack and set to my bed room. As instructed I activated it with its cartridge inside carrying the perfumed oil. Designed intelligently the product with its scented oil eliminates malodors continuously and releases a misty aroma in the room.
The similar feeling cam back to me, I closed my eyes and felt the fragrance swayed me to a meadow full of blossoms.

I had stumbled upon fresheners that were more than the other fresheners. Ambi pur had Fresheners that along with spreading Freshness it created happiness by snatching away the un-wanted odors that linger around home. 

***This write up is a review on Ambi pur air effects and Ambi pur set n refresh products for Ambi Pur #FreshNHappy contest. To get in touch with them click Here.***

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  1. I use a plug-in version in my apartment. And it's nice to come back to a home that smells like orange blossoms.

    1. ah! Orange blossoms! I wanted that.. it kinda feels more fresh with citrus fragrance... next time I will get it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I tried Thai dragon fruit.. but from your review I'm tempted to try blossoms and breeze now :)

    Would love to hear from on my review here:

    1. Oh you'll love it, and I tried the Thai Dragon fruit recently, loved it equally :D


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