Sunday, September 1, 2013

My first IndiBlogger Meet; courtesy HP

My excitement broke all the boundaries and streamed out of me when I saw the invitation to HP Android IndiBlogger Meet, Mumbai. The reason for such exuberant enthusiasm was that it was going to be my first IndiBlogger meet and it was being sponsored by none other than HP who were to present their new gadgets and devices. I registered myself ASAP without thinking twice. My brain scripted a message which it kept playing for me- no plans, no appointments could stop me to be attend the meet.

I got in touch with my friends who were already experienced IndiBlogger-meet dudes and dudettes and now I was about to join the caravan.

The D-day arrived and with tons of fervor within me, I set out of home to reach the venue. I along with four of my friends arrived on time 
after losing our way for a while and found the place filled with the Indi team and many co-bloggers.

The room wasn't a big one but was spacious enough for us to sit and move to the rear for refreshments, which were being eyed upon by each blogger, yes that included me too.

HP team was almost ready to stage their new dashing products and we all took seats as per our choices and convenience of having known faces around us.
Slowly all my friends began to join us boosting my joyousness with every entry.

Gallons of excitement rolled with every minute and the fun had its own source of greeting us every time we thought it can’t get better than this.
Any event without a witty host is like Iced-tea without ice cubes, and IndiBlogger with this knowledge made no mistakes here and we had a wonderful host who kept the entire evening weaved together.
Before HP began with their presentation we had touches of introductions and I came to know that 
I wasn't the only sophomore there. Also interestingly we had a blogger family amongst us whose son was the youngest blogger there who was all of 13 yrs only.

Renie under the black veil
The evening got more entertaining when it was sprinkled with fun games where participants (Renie being the first one, who threatened our host with life for naming him, though his face had a yay-smile) were covered in a black cloth which seemed related to burkha, and they had to guess the word displayed on the screen with the help of hints by others. The best part, the inning hint giving soul and the participant both won something from HP.
In fact the evening was more interesting as there were loads of gifts and prizes by HP.

HP came by with their gadgets; the laptop that can be turned into tablet, the family tab were the ones that caught my attention. The question-answer sessions that went on was as appealing for brains and ears as the HP gadgets. 
The fab HP presentation

Sudarshan with his brilliant presentation
Further things got more engaging with three bloggers staging their presentations which were pretty informative. (Here my friend Sudarshan was best here, and no I am not being biased here, he was indeed brilliant and many of us weren't aware of this talent of his).

Everyone's favorite time arrived when it was announced that it was Food-time. Being a holy day Mom had instructed me to not even look at the non-veg section and so I had to give a pass to the deliciously rolled non-veg item. I didn't even have the heart to ask, what it was. Anyhow, I savored the veg patties and the little brownies were yum and I ended up gorging upon four, yes, I cheated my diet that day. 

The activities kept the event flowing. From the guessing game, introductions, punches on others to the group hug part where our group won and I ended up with speakers which I almost begged to almost everyone there to exchange with whatever they had, but everyone were too much in love with what they got and refused me with the what-a-crazy-girl look. 

The man who makes it all possible

And then, time just flew and the meet ended but not before the give-aways. I must confess, I was told the bloggers are presented with Indiblogger t-shirts and I was all ready to own mine, but fate had something else planned for us, it was a pistachio hued HP Android, IndiBlogger Meet Mug that I received, which is btw one of the most prettiest mugs I have ever seen. 

Having Renie that evening was one of the best things of the event. Wish I could have said an official hello to him. But, may be next time.
I thank Indiblogger and HP for this wonderful evening and I can't wait to be part of next meet, I will no more be a sophomore then. *Grins broadly*


  1. I never knew such meet up exists. Must be a thrilling experience for you. There are blogger meet ups here in the states too but, they are normally fashion and beauty bloggers. This is great what you are getting to experience.

    1. Yes, Dhara it was thrilling... and I am awaiting for the next meet.
      Hwy, why dont you initiate a bloggers' meet in states? I am sure many would want to go :)

  2. must be a great experience for you....great going !

  3. must be a great experience for you....great going !


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