Saturday, September 7, 2013

Raising Lecherous Streets.

I was raised as a free human with no leash around my ankles. My parents never felt the need of a boy, for they wanted a child and not a bundle of particular gender in their arms. My hangouts weren't restricted, my studies never faced a halt and my decisions were never challenged on the basis of my sex, as discrimination of any sort does not exist in my family.

Having such humane surroundings in abundance the biased nature of the society was a culture shock to me, which till date shocks me with the same intensity. Irrespective of class, caste or creed, the society grants boys the liberty to feel superior to girls and in turn the latter crowd is made to believe in their foisted inferiority status.

In a jiffy a woman is conveniently blamed for the sexual assault she is subjected to.
Its time we recognize the fact that her shorts, minis, backless do not invite a rape, but, his lecherous intentions leads to the heinous crime.
Hanging out with guys does not make her less of a woman but his aim to defeat her freedom makes him less of a man.
She does not shame womanhood when she laughs at adult jokes but classifying her as an available sex-toy for her laughter at such jokes shames humanity.

Not acknowledging, that her friendly and free nature does not mean her body is available to anyone is a result of the imbalance that’s fed in the minds of the children. Yes, it is the upbringing which is making his mind sick. Today we see the rise in the pestilence called rape, in India; what are we raising here, a nation of sexual predators where no woman, even in a city like Mumbai, which once was the safest haven for women, wants to step out without a pepper spray? The streets are full with such leeches who throw lewd remarks and gestures at women, mentally undressing her, and numerous times the sheer guts make them grope the dignity of women.

I am advised by people to carry weapons and learn self defense. Never have I seen a boy being advised to treat a girl with respect.
Stringent laws and due punishments will be made, maybe even implemented, but, the rotting root needs fixing. We need a society which does not ask a woman to not to step out at night nor solicits her clothes.
We need a society that tells the men to treat women as humans, a society which doesn't blame the victim but punishes the culprit.

I am a woman and I want to breathe in life freely ... beautifully ... humanely.


  1. Indeed a sad state of affairs... I almost believe now that this may not be rectified in our lifetime.
    I'm sorry I'm a little late catching up, but never now than never!

    1. It certainly would not... and I hope I am totally wrong here.


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