Monday, September 9, 2013

My Yatra to Falls and Sand.

A short two days holiday was being planned by me and my friends, Shruti, Roopa and Shreya, I knew the best place to venture upon. A twin waterfalls at the island town of Shivasamudra, 139 kms from Bangalore.
Cauvery falling down in mirth.

Without any other second thoughts, we immediately booked our flights and hotel from Mumbai, through
Our motto was to have a spontaneous trip; hence, we hired two scooties for our adventurous fun.

The roadway itself is one beautiful memorable ride to the falls, the landscapes, the greenery add to one’s experience and the rocky terrains of a near by town gives a fascinating touch to your journey as it’s the spot where, Gabbar and Samba made their characters and the movie Sholay, one of the best celluloid creations of all times. 
Sholay spot.
Once you reach your destination, you are in for a divine experience. The Cauvery River curves its way from the rocks and ravines only to get segmented into two luscious waterfalls; the Gaganachukii waterfalls.
The magnificent twins at Ganchukki
Carrying few snacks and bottles filled with water we made sure, we keep our body energized. We were led to the watch tower from where the Gananachukki falls can be witnessed perfectly. It was dream to be in the presence of such water-bodies dropping off from the mouth of the mountains, roaring their way down.

Interestingly the Cauvery splits itself and creates another fall called Barachukki which is to the south-west of Gaganachukki. And sadly, many people aren’t aware of the place or they find it tiring to way their journey few kilometers more, hence, the place is still a virgin, with only few tourists taking in the beauty of this waterfall, which, BTW, had my heart the instant I stepped in its lap.
Stoned steps
Several fleets of stone steps lead our way to the bottom to witness the magnificent waterfall. With several vendors selling puffed rice mixed with pea-nuts, tomatoes, diced cucumber (another variety of sookha bhel) and slices of cucumber with a dash of salt and red chilli powder. I was told once, that these help in fueling your body with the required energy to climb up and down such heights; guess these village people are more aware of such things than us city-dwellers.

Once reaching the ground a rocky base welcomes you with hoards of tress standing firmly and the water from fall flowing in its own terms along side.
The Barachukki Falls
We had our lunch here which we had packed *smarties-that-we-are* and shared it generously with the monkey friends around, with keeping in mind not to litter.

Many people dared to step in the current and splash water at each other but we refrained as we didn’t carry spare clothes, a point we mentally sketched for our next trip. We stepped forward towards the coracle rides, which the locals had their sweet and obvious name-Katori. Frankly, I prefer calling it that.
Towards Barachukki Falls in Katori.

Our Katori-man who got conscious and didn't smile for photo :-|
A gentle ever smiling man took us for the Katori ride which took us to the base of the fall. Captivating is the way they approach the waterfall, they have ropes tied at the base of the fall with another end lactched somewhere in the middle of the bank and the base.  He pulled the rope and there we were almost the base, they had reminded us the danger of the fall during monsoon, so, we had to be happy with the a-little-more-than-a-foot distance. But we did get quite drenched, so much so for no extra clothes.

The Katori-man pulling the rope.
On our way back to the bank he gave us a natural water-park experience, by swirling the Katori thrice, making us scream our heart out. With all the adrenaline rush at its best, my friend asked for another swirl and he was generous to oblige. No guesses I had my heart in my mouth. 
Screaming with joy we were back on the stairs with our journey back to Bangalore.

Next day, we headed our way towards Talakad, a desert like town, 133 km from Bangalore. Again on our scooties we rode towards our destination. Again, we had packed some sandwiches and wafers and ample of water in case our tummy growls at a place where food refuses to exist.

Once we reached, our souls swelled with admiration. The temples, once which were 30 in number, are now buried under the sand and gave me a feeling of being a part of ancient India. With loads of history and mythology attached to this sand filled destination, it a paradise.

Temples buried under layers of sand.

My next trip to this place in future is a definite YES; I would plan it with my future hubby for a short two day trip, and with wonderfully taken care by this would make my trip to these awesome-st places a journey to remember. 

***This travel post is written exclusively for  Creating Happy Travellers- Contest***

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  1. Nice to read a post where the writer doesn't want to necessarily go to a foreign locale... but what I don't understand is why does everyone want to say that they booked a trip through Yatra. I mean, the post is all about all that would make a travel experience a happy one!

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thank you sir.
      The mention of is because, they are conducting the contest and its only fair to have their name in here- fair for both them and me.

  2. Hey good post namrota...can u enlarge the pics a bit? I mean when you edit, then you can choose the 'large' version of the pic

    1. Thank you... and I enlarged the pics. Dekho.

    2. Haan dekha. Tum jeetne wale ho

    3. hain, aar tui toh jeete u chilish jokhun aami oi post ta te predict korlam

    4. O haan.. sheta toh jeetechhilam. :D

  3. Great Post and Good luck for the Contest.. :-)

  4. WOW, sounds fun and hope you take it again with your future husband. Good luck, Namrota.

  5. Nothing like a trip with girlfriends -- it's sure to be a happy one. :)

    All the best.

    1. "Nothing like a trip with girlfriends "- true that!

      and thank you :)

  6. future hubby :P
    Lovely post dear :) All the best :D

  7. Falls & Sand...
    The Magic wand! :)

    ATB for the contest...


    1. Ah! wish I used those lines here :D

      Thank you Sammya :)

  8. Lovely images ... all the best buddy :-)

  9. That's it! I am going on a trip!

    1. :D
      I would say you must... and after you do, let me know your experience :)

  10. wow this place is so beautiful!!! Amazing clicks..makes me wanna go there right now!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. went there recently...though there was hardly half the amount of water i see in your next trip...bangalore again!!!! have to visit this place when it is full beauty...:)

    1. Do visit it during monsoon... its bliss to experience such beauty during the season :)

  13. Awesome place! Awesome shots! Awesome Blog! Keep up what you're doing cause you're doing great!! flight ticket booking agents in delhi


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