Friday, May 11, 2012


We often witness ourselves in a situation where we just want to run...or...hide.. or want the earth to open its mouth and swallow us...but none of these happen... and we are stuck in the moment, the awkward moment.

A few years ago, at a mall, a girl walked up to me, greeting me with a warm smile, asked after my family and my life...& I had no idea what her name was... who she was... I just carried on with the conversation, matching her enthusiasm of meeting after so many years, while at the same time, I was asking my brain to activate my memory cells and save me.
Then suddenly, she gave me a *I heard what you just said to your brain* look, and said, "You don't remember me, do you ?"-----*awkwaaaaaaard* 

There I was, standing saucer-eyed, not knowing what to do?....Someone inside me started screaming, "RUN....RUN" and after a few seconds which seemed like eternity, I found myself muttering the famous word *sorry* ... confessing my goof up. Clearly, by now I was a puppy eyed girl, trying my best to fix the situation.
----Did it work ? Of course it did. *SMILES* 

A few Awkward situation I found to be a common phenomenon  :

  • Something serious is being said, and you laugh and everyone looks at you. Ooppss ...*awkwaaaaard*  ---Fix it : Say "Sorry, please continue".
  • You try to open a door by pulling it and then realize it has a sign that clearly says "push". Okay !!* awkwaaaaard* ---Fix it : Don't react, be nonchalant.
  • You ask a lady, when is she due...and you come to know, she is not pregnant.
    Soooooooo *
    awkwaaaaard*.---Fix it : Apologize and walk away, in case she is less acquainted with you, to save yourself from further embarrassment.
  • You are giving a presentation and you mess up with a word. Even worse, if the word now sounds something related to sex. (Excellently, captured in the movie, 3 Idiots) Definitely * awkwaaaaard*.
    Fix it : Relax.... rephrase your sentence using the correct word and continue.
  • You are talking not so nice things about someone and you realize the person is right behind you. Ouch !! *awkwaaaaaaaard*---Fix it : Give it some time and make a genuine apology, as it did a good damage. 

Go ahead add to the list and let me know what was your top Awkward moment *winks*.
Oh !! Btw, that girl from the mall, was a school mate, same grade, different division.

Happy weekend...!! 

                                                  Image :  TV show "Awkward"

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