Friday, May 18, 2012

Cold coffee anyone ??

After a somewhat tiring day, I sat down for a tall glass of cold coffee. I am not a coffee person, certainly not a tall glass of coffee person; no way. Chilled lemonade is what works for me *smiles*, specially during this time of the year, when the sun is trying its best to scorch you.
But today was different, I just felt that I should get some cold coffee, to cool myself in this burning heat, with no whipped cream of course (my cheating weekend of the month got covered last week, rememmmmmberrr).

So, here I was in a coffee shop, by myself, placing my order and secretly wishing if I could cheat. *sigh*
While waiting for my refreshment, thoughts of this week kept flashing by; thoughts of my accomplishments (small...big), but, mostly thoughts of how in no time my plans got cancelled, and I was left with a few sad faces, including mine.

My cold coffee arrived -Oh my... what a delicious sight it was- the caramel hued drink just looked like the path to heaven... ice cubes smirking at me through the froth tempting me to polish it off within a minute... the white bendy straw made sure I did not have second thoughts of leaving the beverage... I needed no more cues, taking the straw in my mouth, I sipped on the drink. The moment the cold liquid went in, there was a feeling of relief; relief from the heat, relief from the not so good thoughts, I was having till now. The more I savored it, the more I felt perked up. My day was made. Not sure, how this worked, but it did. 

I made sure to finish it up till the last drop, after all a girl needs to have a happy weekend  *Winks*
Will Cold Coffee make it to my must have list ?...I don't know. 

Well, with this anecdote I leave you, my friends, with happy weekend wishes. 

Oh! I totally forgot... Cold coffee anyone ? 

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  1. refreshing..loved it

    1. When are you coming down to Mumbai ?
      will go for such refreshments and more, with everyone :D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. yaay :D may be by the end of this year. looking forward to it

    4. aah just found that even i had created accnt here long back.

    5. haha...well, I was wondering who is simple indian, when I saw the name in my inbox, :D
      end of the year would be awesome time to visit... I am already making plans :D

  2. Oye mera cold coffee ka toh daily routine hai..
    Mast frothy cold coffee all time at home :D :D

    1. Ahaa.. you coffee girl:D
      Ohh the frothy cold coffee.. yummmm.
      Yesterday it just made my day... it was so refreshing in every way.. I had to pen the experience. I want to have another glass ... right now :P


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