Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Morning Person ...!!

Most of my life I have been a morning person... almost my entire childhood (baring the vacations, when I could pamper myself into my beloved slumber world, for a good couple of hours more) was spent waking up early with a grunt and asking for more 5 minutes of sleep, tooth brush hanging from the mouth with a face, that would say, "life sucks". The shower did the impossible task of waking me up enough to get dressed...then came the dreaded thing---Breakfast, "seriously, who eats at this hour".

Well, all that changed, as I am a grown up girl now or is it my body that has become accustomed to the torture, errr...lets just stick to the grown up thing *smirks*.

Yes, I wake at 6.00 am & have I benefited anything from it ? You bet, I have :D

Benefits of waking up early :

  1. I have enough time to do some stretches and a few workouts. Though, some days, I stick to only stretches and leave the workouts for the evening.   "Have to leave some thign for the evening too".
  2. I get to have my Tea and breakfast, and enjoy them at a relaxed pace. "Yes, I eventually did fall in love with my breakfast".
  3. The tick-tock of Mr. clock doesn't panic me while I get ready for work, as loads of time in hand. I do my hair, my make-up (whatever little that I do,as I am not much of a pancake person) without giving the horrified look to Mr. clock, every 2 minutes. "I put together my clothes the night before to make it easier in the morning".  
  4. I don't rush to take a rickshaw, rather I walk to the railway station (thus, getting a good round of walk of 15 mins) and reach in time. "I have a particular train to catch, remember !!".
  5. My day begins early, so I can wrap up early and have more free time for "Me". I spend time more with my family and sometimes get to that store with a big board that says, "SALE". *smug look* 
And ..ahem! I did become a night owl a few years ago, for some body began to revolt & I had to give up to its demand. 
So, are you a morning person or a night owl?

P.S.  Now, I brush my teeth with a face, that says.......-nothing. 

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  1. These days I sleep at 6 a.m :(

  2. Mujhey tere bade bade blog ki adat nahi hai...:P I can't sleep early so can't wake up early...

  3. Cyber... what does the .. hmm.. mean here ? you are being the humming bird again, are you ? :P

  4. Hemant ... so you are a night owl ?

    abb adat daal le ;)

  5. I am a night owl for sure ;)

    1. most of the champs are ..see everyone said the same thing :P


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