Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally !!

Finally, the writer has decided to take the plunge and go public.

Procrastination, is the term that personifies me here ... *Sigh*

"Oh, I will do it tomorrow.".."Hmm..1st Jan, perfect day to start (New Year resolution, never meant to be followed, so, for the past couple of years, have given up on making them.)"..."I will surely write something, at least a line to get started".. Blah blah blah...*Rolling my eyes*.

These and more cliched (the creative side was in its own dreamland) excuses were created by my mind for all these years, making me no more than a school girl running away from homework.

So, what inspired me to do it ? - Mmm.. I don't know. 
Why am I smiling ? Well, I like the feeling of not knowing the reason....and that's soooooo not me... I am always looking for answers to what? why?when? how?...Mystery is poison for me... so, when I found myself not curious enough to know the reason behind my finally taking up blogging...I smiled at myself...I am a more balanced person now. 

Or, maybe the poison is adulterated  ;-)

                                                      Image : Google (Random)


  1. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nammo...keep it up.. would love love to read more.. :D >:D< Its soooooo you!! u can make a dead person smile like seriously >:D< love u loads

  2. Thanks Sweets.. and you my first visitor and the one to comment first deserves a big hug >>:D<< Love you too :)


  4. Toh aap yahan chupi baithi ho

  5. Mariam Di .. nahi, bahar aayi hun :D

  6. Golden Letters Of Inner Feeling....

  7. Full time pass. Love the effort. Keep it up. Remember, the old man will be watching. After all, more than anyone else, you are answerable to you own self. You may fool the world. But who are you fooling really?

    Welcome to blogging.

  8. Thank you Da, yes, I will remember what you said :)

    and I am so glad you liked it.. it means a lot :)

  9. Is this all ? :P
    We need to know more about you :P

  10. Well, just started yesterday, and have penned 2 more case you have missed them. Keep reading, there is more where this came from ... lol :P

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


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