Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monsoon, where art thou ??

The other day I was told about this interesting thing about ants and monsoon.
Apparently, ants come out to collect food 12-14 days prior to the onset of the monsoon...I also came to know about a man from Thailand who could (and I am guessing, he still can) always tell the arrival date of the monsoon just by observing the ants....veeeery interesting... isn't it ?
(& DO I believe in it...? I believe in the person who told me and Nature never ceases to surprise me.)

Now, when I heard this, it simply came back to me, that I was enlightened by this "phenomenon" in the past as well, though could not place my finger on - how?, by whom ? or when ? .. but I knew this before and had simply forgotten about it.

Anyway, since then, i.e. since Friday, I have been looking for the marching ants at home and other places *yeah yeah... I am eagerly waiting for a good downpour* .. but no luck.
Either the pesticide has worked really well ...or its still not the time for the sky to go dark ... or the ants, from where I live, have supplies stuffed in their kitchen. *sigh*

Well, talking of Monsoon, rain, downpour, dark clouds... there is this one song that comes to my mind, which I find so apt for the season ... the song has two versions... one- sung by a male (Kishore Kumar) and the other ..the female version (by Lata Mangeshkar)... and though I love to listen to the male version more... I find the female version more appealing to my eyes, the picturization is perfect... just like it should be... it has purity, innocence, romance; and not just between the actors but also between the rain and the city (Mumbai) too... you can feel the showers romancing the city from late 70s... *smiles*

I am sharing the song here .. I hope you will love it, just the way I do :)

Here is --Rim Jhim Gire Sawan, from Manzil... Enjoy !! :)



  1. This is exactly what i love about your blog!

    Nothing extravagant, nothing over the top, simple, cute, funny..its simply You!! :)

    Well done!! Awesome job momo >:D<

    1. Rashu >:D< your comments do make my day... the encouraging words give energy bouts to write more .. thank you sweets :)


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