Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Dangerous Word... !!

"Someday... that's a Dangerous word, its really just a code for never "
--A quote from the movie "Knight and Day".

Today, some time in the evening, I was relishing my cup of green tea (sounds good to mention the G word here *winks*), staring into oblivion, when this quote, out of no where, just popped into my head.
We keep saying, someday I will do this, someday I will do that...someday I will go there, someday I will try this new recipe..etc etc ... & how many of us turn that "Someday" into "Today", for every thing we wish for ?- not many. *Knits Eyebrows*

But then, sometimes, we DO get what we want. How ?--Magic Potion/ Magic Wand/Harry Potter? NO..then ?
--Well, I was instantly able to place my finger on the answer *eyebrows back to there places* (and I am sure many of you already know this), which I gathered from my experience, the Magic lies in our approach. (No need for any wizards/witches or their antics here; no offense to Mr. Potter and et al).

When we wish for something without worrying about, hows..whens..what ifs..., there is no extra burden to our goal/s ..the 'focus' is on just our wish/es...& we work on it with full zeal. On the other hand, when we feed our wishes/wants with, 'I don't have the means to..' OR 'I don't know how to..' OR even worse 'what would people say'... the "S" word, "someday' becomes a code for never. Definitely dangerous.

So, lets just keep our Approaches right...are YOU game, my friend... *smiles*.

Just listing a few quotes I like :
  • I am ten years old, TV is my life. --- Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York. (English)
  • I am also a girl, standing before a boy, asking him to love her. --- Notting Hill. (English)
  • When you first entered the restaurant, I thought you were handsome... and then, of course, you spoke.--- As Good As It Gets. (English)
  • Paani ka kam toh Paani hi karta hai. --- Jab We Met (Hindi ; Translation Only Water can quench a thirst).
  • [After Evy kicks a snake out of her way] Rick : Those things are poisonous, you know.
    Evy : *smiles* Only if they bite you. ----
     The Mummy Returns. (English)
  • Bachho, Kabil bano Kabil, Kamyaabi toh saali jhak maarke peechhe ayegi. ---(Hindi; Translation: Pursue Excellence, success will follow).

                                                              Image : Google (random)


  1. Well I Can Say The Severity And Necessity Is The Mother And Father Of Getting That Thing Done.... lol :P

  2. Haha.. well thats where the focus lies :D

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  4. Another word is 'But' ... think about it.

  5. Ohh yes, the damn word 'But'... hmm!!
    Thanks Hemant Da. :)

  6. as usual, another post of honesty and simplicity :) love reading it nammo, no long preachy messages.. the best thing u can ask for in a blog :D *hi five*


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